Well, well, well…

We go from THIS

The Defense Department is discussing a $1 billion cut over the next three years to the commissary’s budget in a move that could lead to a widespread closure of stores, Pentagon and industry officials said.

To this…

According to Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, there are no plans to close military commissaries. The chairman first addressed this issue during his Facebook town hall meeting last month (a transcript of the recent town hall meeting with General Dempsey is available on DoD Live). Although the DoD officials are not planning to close commissaries, they did ask the Defense Commissary Agency for a range of options, including how the system would operate with reduced or no taxpayer subsidies. 

Link is HERE.

And apparently the Congresscritters are getting a LOT of pressure to fulfill their promise to reinstate the military retirees cola pay from retirement until age 62… I heard today the Senate is scrambling around trying to find something else to cut and get rid of the pay cut…


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  1. It’s such an infuriating thing, that elected officials have to be reminded continuously to do things right. It’s quite clear that the so-called “system” is corrupt. Only question is, is it beyond repair?

    It looks that way from here.

  2. I read a bit ago that the house is going to raise the debt ceiling without restoring our pay. We need to vote every last one of these bastards out of office.

  3. Funny how strongly worded letters from trained killers focus congresscritter’s attention.

  4. Do these privileged s.o.b.s ever think of the impact on military morale? My daughter in law must drive 47 miles, one way, two lane road, a mountain pass, and 40 mph speed limit to shop in a grocery store if she can’t use the commissary. I’ve been in three different commissaries with her. The prices aren’t any lower than a WalMart.

    Far too many military posts are not near large towns or cities, and that is just in the USA. Can’t speak to the overseas posts anymore; too many years have passed. Wonder where a cousin and his family can shop in Guantanamo?

  5. Rev- Concur!

    Robert- Yep, they are going to ‘recover’ the money in 2024??? WTF???

    Stretch- Apparently NOT well enojugh…

    WSF- Heard that, and I hope she’s writing to every congresscritter she can!!!

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    They would have enough money if they would cut some of the free shit the illegals and the “gimmedats” get. Pardon the language, I have a major issue with this….really I do as you can tell from the language.

  7. I can think of LOTS of things for Congress to cut–beginning with their own throats. If they had any balls, I’d have them on the list, too. . .


  8. The Congress critters want to cut our pay, lets do away with theirs. See how they like that.

  9. “We need to vote every last one of these bastards out of office.”

    I keep hearing this, but with all due respect, it’s nonsense.

    Even if this were possible, (because you can’t vote outside of your own district), the congress is not one person, and the decision was not unanimous.

    I have a pretty good congressman. In nearly every single case, he votes exactly the way I want him to. So what am I supposed to do – replace him with a (shudder) Democrat? That will sure show them! NOT!

    If you want to get rid of people like Nancy Pelosi, then I am for it. But I am not so much for it that I am willing to pull up stakes and move to San Francisco just to add my single vote against the thousands of loons that already live there and have kept her in office.

  10. There’s enough waste and fraud in ANY of the government agencies to cover the pittance that these bastids have taken away from our retired Military people!

  11. Trouble is, you cannot believe a word out of CJCOS Gen. Dempsey’s mouth. Man has no principles, no balls, and his head is so far up the Big O’s rectum that is a wonder the man can defecate. When the CJCOS lies to Congress over assets available to help in Benghazi, you know whose team he’s on.

  12. Good. Except now the new policy at the commissary is that your id must be scanned immediately prior to checkout. So now big gov is tracking exactly what we’re eating now. Better hope you’re eating the right foods if you need surgery in the future. Oh well, better products in the local okinawan grocery stores anyway.

    • Shannon- Yep, they started that stateside two weeks ago too… And the Okinawan stores had FRESH produce!!!