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Apparently Di-Fi doesn’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot… OR up her ass…

“Based on what Director [John] Brennan has informed us, I have grave concerns that the CIA search may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the United States Constitution including the Speech and Debate clause,” she said. “It may have undermined the constitutional framework essential to effective congressional oversight of intelligence activities or any other government function.” 

The rest of the story appears to be that congstaff apparently smuggled out classified unreleased documents from a report on waterboarding, and the CIA took offense. And started tracing where the documents had come from and guess what…

They went and found the docs and erased them… So Di-Fi is stomping feet and throwing a hissy fit, while ignoring the fact that her OWN folks are guilty as hell…

Full article HERE on foxnews.com

In the WTF news, the Navy is building a new class of large ocean going research vessels named after astronauts (turn about being fair play, since the shuttles were named for research vessels). The first two are the R/V Neil Armstrong and R/V Sally Ride.

RV Neil Armstrong

BUT, the administration is cutting funds to ocean research (I guess they’re doubling down that climate change is ‘fixed’ science now)…

So the UARCs are getting less $$ to go do research on these brand new vessels that are literally state of the art!

Bottom line is they probably will not be utilized anywhere near their full capacity, and will cost the Navy more $$ to maintain them at WHOI and Scripps…

Link HERE to their little charade…


On the GOOD news side,  the Pentagon has decided to make the Swedish-made Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System (MAAWS)– or the M3 Carl Gustaf for short– standard issue!!!

Full article HERE.  I’ll guarantee THAT will leave a mark on anything it hits!!!

And in the it’s STOOPID class…

Enforcement issues surround two Northern California cities’ bans on high-capacity magazines. The Oakland Tribune reported Saturday that since Sunnyvale’s ban went into effect midnight Thursday, not one of the now-illegal magazines has been turned in. San Francisco police report that they have no system to track whether any magazines have been turned in for destruction under the new ordinance. San Francisco residents must surrender their high-capacity magazines to police by April 7.

Full article HERE.



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  1. I’m sure that people will be lining up to hand in their offending magazines the same way as they have been doing in CT.

    As to the research vessels, I am not sad to see them built (for NOAA?) however, I’d rather see us lay down the hulls for the new generation of Cruiser and 2 aircraft carriers – as we cancel the LCS.

  2. Apart from the generalized & wide-spread stoopid that infects the ruling class, anyone who expected folks to blithely surrender magazines makes the ruling class look smart, by comparison.

  3. M3 Carl Gustaf: Best thing to come out of Sweden not involving bikinis.

    (Thus spake Earl Harbinger.)

  4. DiFi always has been and always will be a two-faced politician who will use every advantage to keep power.

  5. So, fifty years after McNamara and his whiz kids killed off the 3.5 rocket launcher and 105 recoilless rifle, partial sanity returns to the Army? Sorry, sarcasm font.

  6. Finally Di-Fi has found a use for the Constitution she has so blatantly tried to destroy. Of course it benefits her, because it is all about her and her survival.

  7. Re. DIFI;
    Sucks when it’s YOUR rights, huh bitch. You’ve been trampling peoples rights for years and now you scream about the Constitution and rights? FOAD.

    Do not for any reason register any guns or magazines. It’s none of the governments business what you own as long as you are not breaking any laws. Kommifornia needs a good preemption law to put a stop to all of these little fiefdoms making up what ever gun hating law they want. Resist, by any means, win.

  8. No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

  9. LL- Yep, CT all over again… And re the AGORs, these are for the Navy, not NOAA. They have their own (a generation older).

    Rev- Yep… sigh

    Timo/LL- Oh HELL yes!!! 🙂

    Euripides- That she is…

    WSF- Yep… Although we DID and do have the 105 recoiless in the Spectre birds.

    CP- Agreed! Damn bitch…

    Robert- Concur and tryin over here boss…

    Tweell/Ed- Yep!

  10. DiFi is so far out of her mind with her statements it’s sickening. According to in-depth reports, she and her minions were using CIA computers to review CIA documents related to the “secret prisons”. As you corroborated, when her staffers were caught with inappropriate documents on the system, and removing documents from said system to other locations, she had a hissy-fit.
    Now, you and a number of other folks have been around long enough to remember the Warning Banner that comes up on any classified computer. Repeat after me: “You have NO expectations of privacy”.
    The fact that she only whines about an invasion of privacy when it happens to her and her cohorts makes what the CIA did even sweeter.

  11. “New”?

    I was under the impression the Charlie Gutsache was older than some people’s grandparents.

  12. Rick- Yep, and WELL deserved…

    Coconut- Charlie gutschein was stood up in 1961…

    Larry- Me too!

  13. As someone who’s working on a career in marine sciences, the cuts to these ships leave me conflicted. On the one hand, I’m not seeing a Section 8 power (or anywhere else) saying the .gov can fund ocean research. On the other, said research is hugely useful and fascinating to boot, and wasting these boats is near criminal. Eh. When I’m sleeping on a giant mound of franklins, maybe I’ll buy one.