The Grey Man…

It’s real…


And up in electronic formats for both Kindle and Nook.  Edit and apparently also as a real dead tree HERE!!!

I will warn you now, the print version is $14.00 which is high, but as a self publish I couldn’t drive the price any lower without having to pay them…

If you were one of the folks that helped as an alpha or beta read, check your email.  For those who expressed an interest in a signed copy, I will be able to get those out the end of April (I still have a real job… dammit).  Please send me an email with your mailing address, how you want it personalized and I’ll give you details and approximate dates I expect to be able to fulfill your requests.   IF any of you folks are going to NRA, I will try my best to have a few copies there.

Thanks again to all of you for your support.  It’s not the next great American novel, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway! 🙂

And reviews would be appreciated!!!

Thanks again,



The Grey Man… — 69 Comments

  1. It didn’t show up for me on a kindle search, but the paperback is live on at $12.53.

    • Paperback just ordered from amazon…now I have to wait for it to arrive, and for you to return to California – or meet me the next time that I’m in DC so that I can get the author to autograph it for me.

  2. YeeHaw! Congrats Jim! Got my hard copy on it’s way. Would love a signed copy as well. Maybe when your in this neck of the back of beyond…

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  4. Oh Awesome Sauce ! that is fantastic. Can’t wait to order it, and one meet the author for a autograph.
    Again Congrats!

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  6. Woo hoo! But I can’t order it until Lent ends…

    • Well how about if I buy two copies and we can say that I “Lent” one of ’em to ya?

      Yeah, yeah…I know. I’m getting back in the handbasket.

      • Ow…It will be ordered On Easter Monday. And to make sure I get free shipping I’ll add the biography of President Andrew Johnson I want.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    Congratulations!!! on the book, I will get the dead tree version shortly for you to sign. Will download the kindle version ASAP. I will also post on my blog..

  8. Congratulations! I know this will be the first of many. I’m looking forward to the big screen version!

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  10. I got mine and am kinda disappointed. There are no pictures or centerfold. You were Navy, weren’t you? But I will read it just the same.

  11. Rev- Thanks!

    CP-… Um… er… FAMILY book, yeah, yeah, that’s it! 🙂

    Spike- Thanks!

  12. Congratulations on publishing it. To those who haven’t read it yet, you will enjoy it!

  13. Got it! Kind of hard to get the Kindle copy autographed…maybe I’ll just have you sign the ‘droid instead. 😉

  14. I just ordered a hard copy. You should be very proud. A lot of people want to write a book, they just don’t get around to actually doing it !

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  16. MC- No problem… :-0

    Rick- Thanks!

    Larry- LOL

    Stephen- Thank you

    Woody- Thanks, and I had some good teachers… 🙂 Peter, Larry C, Larry L and JD Kinman…

  17. Very good read could not put it down! cant wait for the next installment! Hurry up and get to the next book!

  18. Bought it from B&N, read it non-stop last night. Where is book 2? I’m having some withdrawals already! Great read!

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  20. The postman delivered my “dead tree” version yesterday. As an old friend of mine, used to say, ‘I’m gonna read the words off it”. I’m very pleased!!

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  22. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments on Jay’s blog. I read on his blog that you published a book I had to get it downloaded to my Kindle. Like to see another Vet doing well for himself.