The Grey Man, update…

Many thanks to all those who’ve more money than sense… 🙂  The book is selling like a house afire…er… stack of pancakes… erm  a  sputtering ember… sigh…

Seriously, it’s moving about like I’d have expected for a total unknown self-publishing with NO marketing other than my friends out here.  I’m actually surprised at the good reviews, and have enjoyed chatting on email with a couple of readers over questions as to why I did certain things in the book, and  some techniques that I use in the book’s shooting sequences.

Notice anything unusual in the picture below?

TGM screen shot

Two of the books that pop up on the first page of customers who bought are Peter’s Maxwell Series and Marco’s Frontline Series.  This tells me ‘our’ little corner of the intarwebz supports each other, and I appreciate that!  I can now afford TWO cups of coffee, and TWO donuts! 🙂

Thanks to a lead by some folks, I’m getting a bump today on PJMedia in the Lifestyle Section HERE.   Thanks to Sarah Hoyt, Charlie Martin and Wing

And for you Alfa and Beta readers, your books went in the mail today, unless you’re going to pick them up at NRA Annual Meeting.

Thanks folks, and I appreciate the support!

Edit- Okay, marketing 101 fail over here… No link to the book… sigh…

LINK to my book!!!

Teh stoopid, I can haz it tonight…


The Grey Man, update… — 12 Comments

  1. Coo! Drug smugglers. They weren’t in the parts you put up previously. Glad I bought the Kindle copy, more to look forward to.

  2. David- We ALL thank you! 🙂

    BZ- Yep, link added at the bottom of the post… sigh…

    Frank- 🙂 Glad you’re liking it!

  3. I also have Peter’s and Marko’s books. I suppose it makes a kind of sense that if I enjoy reading your blogs, I would enjoy your books. And supporting members of our tribe is just a bonus.

  4. You can only afford two donuts? the hell you say, I’ll send a gift card. :p

  5. Hmm,
    How do you get an author to autograph an e-book and still be able to use the reader