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Thanks to all that have bought The Grey Man!!!

Seriously, I really DO appreciate those that have not only bought my little book, but those who’ve helped me plug it on their blogs and Facecrack and in emails… Every little bit helps.

In the ‘truth in advertising’ department, I will offer you this one…  From the street guess what was ‘all’ you could see…

Click to embiggen…Free beer

There’s ‘truth’ and then there is ‘small print’… Gotta give them credit for making the BEST use of both!!! 😀

In the gratuitous kid pic, apparently the ‘genes’ will out, Jace yesterday…

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Jace 3 15 14

PP’s comment with the pic- “It’s your mini me!!  He raised his little eyebrow at me like WHAT? I was cracking up. That would be genetics, he is SO your grandson with his little expressions.”

And I got a great find from my buddy…

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Colt keyring screwdriver 1

Colt keyring screwdriver 2

While this is not the ‘original’ screwdriver, he does remember this keyring screwdriver being in the box with the Colt Woodsman when he was a kid.  It’s not a truly old one, but it’s another little peace of history…

Now sadly, it’s back to your regularly scheduled BS… Sigh…


Random Stuff… — 14 Comments

  1. Now that it’s out there — The Grey Man doesn’t disappoint (I didn’t think it would!).

    And I still wonder if I could put a name to John Cronin and Uncle Billy, if I really thought about it… either that, or they are awfully real people.

    And I think that both Matt and Aaron are a pair of pretty darn lucky Marines!

    Thank you!

  2. Ian- They ‘are’ constructs… and I had to take care of friends on the Marine side…LOL

  3. I know they are — but they are very well drawn constructs anyway! And no, it wouldn’t do to ignore the Marines…

  4. I enjoyed The Grey Man a great deal. Read the e-book. When’s the sequel coming out? 🙂

    Jace is a cutie!

  5. Ian- LOL, good point!

    Sue- Thank you! I’m working on it… 🙂 And thankfully Jace DIDN’T take after grandpa in the looks department… LOL