The Witch is at it again…

Come to think of it, that’s an insult to witches every where… Just submit a B and you get it right…

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., repeatedly put the blame for the Veterans Affairs scandal on former President George W. Bush, while arguing that her party has worked hard for veterans in recent years.

Full article HERE.

SIX #$#%^ years you’ve known there was a problem… SIX…  Because Bush TOLD YOU!

And you’ve done what?  Throw money at it…  Never bothering to listen to a damn thing that has come from end users (AKA Veterans) or whistleblowers…

Not a SINGLE investigation until the body count got too high for you and your minions to cover it up…

At this point I think we should put every congresscritter AND the whole executive branch under the VA for medical care… THEN maybe they would actually get off their dead asses and actually do something about it…

In reality I know that will never happen, but it sure would be nice!

The other option is one DB proposed HERE.  That one is actually doable, and would put care back in the hands of the military, where it really belongs.  And it would take it out of the political arena… Which is a damn good idea!

Remember in November… It counts…

And the SASC is still trying to screw us and the active duty folks… Article HERE.

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The Witch is at it again… — 14 Comments

  1. It’s the same fall-back argument. If you are in a bind, blame George W. Bush for it. Nancy sounds like the broken doll with the cracked face that she is. You pull the string and the voice says, “It’s all George Bush’s fault.”

  2. In order to make “any” serious improvements to the VA system the Union must be removed. They impede any & every change. You can’t fire the deadbeats, hell the Union must approve even a change to the parking plans. It’s funny that no one has the “balls” to mention one of the real problems!!

  3. LL- Yep, never address the problem, just ‘Blame Bush’ It’s the dems mantra…

    Woody- Hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re correct. Thanks for pointing that out!

  4. A common problem with .gov or the mob if they get involed in any thing it goes sideways pretty quick. Its a horrible way to treat this nations most honorable men by giving them a second chane to die for their country… I second the motion to place our leader in the care of the va

  5. This is more proof that government run healthcare sucks. It is a knife in ObamaCare and the people who believe in it. Obama is ducking this. A real leader gores in and fires people, heads roll, union or not, and things change.
    The Dems, like Pelosi are ruining our great country and the majority of people are stupid.
    Poor leadership and a majority of stupid people. It is tough to remain the sheep dog.

  6. I’ll say one thing in (luke-warm) defense of pelosi – the VA scandal isn’t an obama scandal, or a Bush scandal. It’s an American scandal. The VA has been a mess for decades, if not longer.

    IMO, DB and NFO have the right ideas. Put people in charge of the situation who have a vested interest in fixing things. Make decision-makers live with the consequences of their actions (or non-actions).

    And Woody is absolutely right. You can’t improve the situation without giving those in charge the ability to make meaningful changes in people, policy, processes, and procedures.

    All great ideas – and we’ll never see them implemented.


  7. J.D.- Good point…

    Danny- Couldn’t agree more!

    Tim/WSF- True, and you’re right, they will NEVER be implemented…

  8. I knew who exactly you were talking about when I read the title of your post. She is a disgrace and needs to be slapped back to the day she was born.

  9. Do not give them VA care. The care I get at the VA is top notch. What they need to do is be stuck in line and have to deal with the bureaucracy before they get the care. I applied for benefits 10 years ago. I get medical care, yet I’m still fighting the assholes in DC over my rating. To the point I had to hire a law firm to represent me. This is what these sons of bitches in DC need to go through. Then after a few years of fighting, they can have the care.

  10. The care I have received from VA has been first rate. The few incompetent bureaucrats who managed to kiss enough ass to rise to a position of power that I have to deal with should be shot. Politicians seem to want to assign blame, it is an easy way for them to avoid the responsibility they wanted.