Since we’re talking about Gitmo…

I’ve said all I’m going to on Bergdahl…

I’m back on the VA issue… OBTW, I ‘finally’ got an appointment tomorrow, after waiting since February.  Guess when I was notified!

Yep, 12 days ago…


The VA and Gitmo eligible patient-to-health care provider ratios speak volumes.

While the Gitmo ratio is 1.5 to 1, for America’s 9 million veterans receiving VA health care and 267,930 VA employees, the ratio is 35 to 1.

Now you may wonder where those come from…  How about from the former Pentagon spokesman CDR J.D. Gordon (USN Ret)…  

Read the whole article HERE at Foxnews.

Just because Shinseki is gone, doesn’t mean things are fixed, FAR from it.  There is ONE bill currently being discussed in the Senate, sponsored by Sanders, and it ONLY allows firing/demotion of SES levels… This should be all GS-11 and above!!!  

And Reid et al ‘might’ get around to this on Thursday… But since the VA is now off the front page, I wouldn’t count on it…  

Call, write, email your congresscritters- Tell them it’s time to start getting rid of VA employees that don’t care about and don’t help the Veterans…


Since we’re talking about Gitmo… — 22 Comments

  1. Anyone else feeling like the Bergdahl ‘rescue’ was done to get people thinking less about the VA scandal ? Just too coincidental, reminds me of Reagan invading Greneda right on the heels of the Beirut base truck bomb.

  2. I wonder how long Bengdahl will have to wait for his appointment with the VA?

    • I’m sure he’ll be right behind Manning for gender reassignment surgery, so he can go back to being a ballerina.

      • You raise an interesting point. After he’s a girl, I suspect that he’ll defect to the USSR where he’ll move in as Snowden’s girlfriend.

  3. I’ve already written my congressman. My senator is sponsoring a bill to at least alleviate the VA problem. Too bad the Dems in Congress didn’t do that when they were complaining about Bush’s VA shortcomings.

    Oh, that’s right, they don’t want to fix things, they just want to make people more miserable so they can remain in power. Lenin and Mao would be so proud.

  4. We’ve stopped watching Fox News for the nonce; I can’t handle the “All Bergdahl, all the time” coverage.

    • More ammo, they’re the armory.
      Keep flinging it at O and pray the stench stinks to where he can’t go out in public without derision.

  5. j.r./LL- Agreed!

    LL- Good question!

    Euripides- Thanks and concur!

    Rev- Yeah, but at least ‘somebody’ is covering it…

  6. Old NFO – I would be willing to bet you a case of .22LR that the traitorous deserter, Bengdhal will get in to see a doctor before you will.

    Then again, Bengdahl will soon be standing next to Hanoi Jane and SECSTATE Kerry giving commencement speeches…when he’s not at the mosque praying.

    • You would have lost the bet and I’d have been a case of .22 richer.

      It’s simply a matter of who they love more.

  7. I’d love to see all the elected and appointed officials, and their staffs, taken off the military health system and put in the VA, with no head of the line privleges. Might give them a bit of perspective.

    • Don’t hold your breath.

      All pigs are equal and some are more equal than others.

      It’s not unlike ObamaCare where Obama and cronies exempted themselves from it.

  8. Great minds think a like. VA is a sad deal all the way around. It disturbs me. Bergdahl…that disturbs me. Glad he is home, but disturbing swap. Now, I am not going into that because it would take all day.

  9. Oh, yes. I think they thought this would be a “yay!” moment that would distract from the VA. Of course, the only ones saying “Yay!” are the Taliban.