Are they totally ‘tone deaf, OR…

They just don’t give a s**t???

First it was Hildabitch… “What difference does it make?”  Four people DIED, that is the difference…

And now Dingy Harry does the SAME damn thing on Bergdahl…

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) continued his defense Thursday ofPresident Obama’s decision to free five Taliban commanders in exchange for the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

“What differences does it make?” Reid replied when asked if he was given advance notification about the planned prisoner swap and rescue last Friday, the day before the exchange was announced.

Read the whole article HERE. Amazingly, this is from the WAPO!

I’m beginning to think the just don’t give a s**t, other than to ‘move’ the story…

They figure this will blow over quicker than the VA scandal, and there will be less pushback…


When crap like this gets put out there-

Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers — you know, the ones who didn’t desert their posts, and who risked their lives and sustained casualties searching for the guy who did — have graduated from mere “swift-boaters” to potentially lying psychopaths. 

It kinda points out the lack of ‘compassion’ toward the folks who stayed, fought, and searched for Bergdahl.

Full article HERE.

Especially when it’s now coming out that the soldiers were put under a ‘gag order’, and told NOT to talk about what happened.  And then there’s Rice trying to BS her way out of her comments…

Your thoughts???


Are they totally ‘tone deaf, OR… — 18 Comments

  1. Despicable, disgusting, deplorable … pick your adjective. I don’t have the words to express my utter contempt for the whole lot of ’em.

  2. Some of these people in the media and in DC need to be taken to the middle of the Pacific ocean and given the option of swimming or facing a firing squad! Personally, I would prefer a couple of them took the firing squad. They would provide chum for the sharks. 🙂

    • I like the shark bait scenario. Dump them into blue water along with fifty gallons of pig blood (for the Muslims in the bunch).

  3. As usual, this administration is playing the political game. Everything they do is for their own political gain. When a plan goes awry, their response is to lie, evade, mislead & misdirect. Obama’s doubling down with his “I’d do it again” came about because he had nowhere else to go. He was unable to do his normal tactic of blaming someone else, usually George Bush.
    Just another example of this administrations Arrogant incompetence.

  4. Tim- Agreed, and I’m proud of ya, not a single four letter word!

    N91- Oh hell yes!

    Roger- They they are Incompetent that is…

    Rev- Understood.

  5. One of the 178,697 things that frustrates me about this administration and Congress is why are the not raising hell over Obie breaking HIS OWN LAW about giving Congress 30 day notice and the names to be released from GITMO? He is never held up to accountability. He does what he wants without any thing other than lip service. Arrest the bastard for breaking the law.

  6. If the Establishment GOP had any brains (if they did they would be Tea Party) they would take that crap-ass rhetoric, “What difference does it make?” and make a necklace out of it and hang it out there every time they opened their mouths, and make them wear it in shame.

  7. He gets away with it because the vast majority of our fellow citizens don’t “want to think about politics”.

    Over at Sissey Street Irregulars sidebar is an explanation of the Three Percent. The Lightbringer has his percentage, and we who can’t stand him are another percent.

    Your very first sentence is the answer, sigh.

  8. Couple of things that don’t pass the Smell Test. A) Yesterday, Comrade Podesta, White House Gauleiter of Staff said at some News Luncheon that part of the reason (besides the “We Can’t Wait! Horseshit this Admin ALWAYS uses to circumvent the Law and the Constitution) was that the White Kremlin was afraid that, if the Obeyed the Law and Infromed Congress what was going on, that the info would be “Leaked” and put the KaBosh on the whole deal. But isn’t it funny that as soon as it went down, the Taliban News Service put out Video and Statements on the InterWeb for all the World to see? So who was standing by to address the MSM with their Victory Speech FIRST, Obama or Mullah Omar? So this tells me that BOTH sides were more concerned about their Media Coverage than the act of Prisoner Swapping. B) How do we know that Dingy Harry and Nancy Pelosi were NOT informed? Those two would deny the fact that the Sun rises in the East if it could advance their Agenda! C) How come, the Demacommies were more than willing to set up Show Trials to go after the Reagan Admin’s efforts to release Hostages in Iran-Contra, yet they are screaming Bloody Murder about the Repubs trying to do the SAME DAMN THING!

    This whole affair had NOTHING to do with Freeing a Prisoner, because they had FIVE years to accomplish THAT Mission. This is ALL about Propaganda trying to prove Obama is the Greatest Leader the World has ever seen. And paying “Danegeld” to the Taliban, so they won’t mess with his Legacy. But Rudyard Kipling warned the World on how well THAT Strategy works a 150 years ago. Too bad for the Republic that this Admin is so full of itself that anything that might conflict with their Self-Generated Political Agenda must be discarded, no matter how much the Facts get in the way of their Master Plan.

  9. CP- Understood, agreed, but it won’t happen because they’ll scream racism…

    NC- I TRULY hope they do!

    WSF- I’m really coming to believe they don’t… And Les’ explanation rings true…

    LEs- Well said, and agreed!

  10. the soldiers were put under a ‘gag order’, and told NOT to talk about what happened.

    Same as Benghazi.

    Eventually Barack will insist that there be “an investigation”. More patience needed. House Republicans take up investigation and form a committee to investigate. The White House will begin mocking and you’ll see stonewalling by the present Administration and Democrats [see: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, or any random member of the Congressional Black Caucus used interchangeably] Print/TV News Media refuse to investigate further.

    The President will leave for fundraiser/golf/vacation while they spin up another sensational event to “WAG THE DOG”. Bergdahl was spun up to get the public’s view off the VA. There will be some other boondoggle.

    Nothing new here, move on, HEY LOOK THERE, a BRIGHT SHINY OBJECT!

  11. It’s the kind of thing we will have to get used to as the decline continues.

  12. They released this turd as a distraction for the VA scandals hoping to get a bump in the polls and it just bit them in the ass. Especially after the anointed one was popping gum and this pissed the French off and the word kinda spread…mostly for the world media…The U.S. media still covers for him.

  13. The most common problem with our country is we are used to these scandals and the water cooler conversation usually goes some thing like this …. so did you hear the latest thing the president did it was pretty stupi….oh look squirel