Who knew???

We R doin it rong… And have been since 1906!

Mathematicians…  Sigh…

Of course most of the cakes I’m around are at work, so they’re gone in about 10 minutes…


Who knew??? — 14 Comments

  1. This is for people with no friends.

    Any respectable cake is consumed (as you suggest) within about 10 minutes of cutting. The same is true of pie…with the exception of pizza pie. Pizza is better cold the next day, so leaving left-overs for that purpose is acceptable etiquette.

  2. Must agree.

    If you have any cake or pie left you are doing it wrong.

  3. I’ve not yet seen a break-room cake or pie that was cut in regularly-sized pieces, unless that was done prior to delivery. Heck, I saw one gal eating out of a cake pan with a serving spoon.

    I took my piece from the other side of the pan … heh.

  4. I don’t care WHAT math majors… or even math sergeants… say. I’m NOT putting rubber bands around my freakin’ cake.

  5. Rev- Eww… Haven’t seen that… Thankfully…

    Ed- LOL, good point!

    Buck- Heh, agreed! Besides it would screw up the frosting!

  6. WSF- Nah, math whizzes in action… Reality doesn’t intrude…

    Mrs.C- Oh hell yes!!! 🙂

  7. Gee, OldNFO,
    You been cuttin’ birthday cakes since 1906????
    You ARE Old!

  8. Hey OLD Nfo;

    Jeez I figured You were a BIT older than I am…but 100 years…and you have kept your mental facilities? …*Wow* This means that you started the Antisub program in WWI? The institutional knowledge you have…Impressive. Now you know that your fellow bloggers were going to have a field day with this post……. 😀
    As far as cake in a break room….Here where I work…anytime you bring any food in here…it is like the biblical plague of locust descend on the table with the “offerings.”