WII Poster…

Another one pitching buying Bonds and Stamps…


This one was actually drawn by a father/son team of J Walter and Walter G Wilkinson, one of many they did for the war bond program.


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        I’m thinking of the Reno Air Race…

        I said that to a guy who races. He said if you flew the Bearcat, you’d auger it into the ground next to a pylon in Reno. I agreed, but added that I’d die with a smile on my face.

  1. When my brother passed away to go through his stuff. There was an old ceder chest my mom had and it was full of old pictures I had never seen. Also there were two WWII stamp books with my name on them (I was born in ’44). I thought that was so cool, but I never knew they were there and that being born during the war, the family was entitled to

  2. OOPS! entitled to use my name to get rations and gas. One book was for food and the other was for gas (I think).

  3. Ed/WSF- Yep, but it was the ‘extra’ things that went with getting to fly it that weren’t much fun.

    CP- Yep, kids were important back then and there were different entitlements (especially milk and transportation) to make sure kids had food and medical care.

  4. I wonder who did what – did the son draw and the father painted – did they both paint? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much info on them.