The Empty Chair… — 24 Comments

  1. I don’t much care for that watery, over-hyped brew but I sure do like this ad.

  2. I saw this ad before, and was struck by the choice for background music.
    Chairs have arms and the song lyrics mentions arms.

  3. Atleast twice a year since Lex (Capt. Carroll “Lex” LeFon, USN/Ret) died, on 9Nov (his birthday) and 6Mar (the date of the crash), we have a gathering of Lexican at Shakespears Pub in Sun DeGogo in his honor. We have a Guinness and a Jameson in his place at the table. Led by Mary (his wife), We laugh, we talk, we remember above all just reat fellowship. At some point, as things are winding down we pass the glass around and toast the loss of a great man. For those of you not familiar with Neptunus Lex I’ll post a link to the saved website of his blog. It would be time well spent to read.

  4. Ed- Yep, 1880s hymn Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.

    Les/Differ/Wing- Yep

    Buck- 🙂

    SoCal- Yep, I want to make one of those. Met Les in Hawaii a few years before he died.

    • Give me some lead time next time you’re coming this way, maybe we can meet at Shakespeare Pub for some Strength and Courage.

  5. A fine statement, right there.

    p.s. I can’t figure out how they made dust come through the computer, but now I’ve got something in my eyes.

  6. I posted that to my FB page … once I stopped crying.
    It’s tough being Irish. A few bars of music and we’re basket cases.

  7. Euripides- that one and the Food Lion one are two of the best.

    Rev- yep

    Stretch- Good!!!!

  8. Thank you for that. Now it seems to be leaking something around here.

  9. When the wife and I went to San Diego to see the Midway a couple of years ago, one of the things we saw in the CPO (I think) mess was the empty chair.

    After she read the placard explaining what it was, she started to cry.

    Damn good woman, she is…..

  10. So, that bar serves our soldiers, stale, flat beer? How many times a day does she change the glass?

  11. Dammit- That it does

    Keads- Heard that…

    drjim- Yep.

    Art- It’s good if you like dark beer!

    Paw- I’m betting that it would be changed regularly…

  12. Hey Old NFO;

    Very good commercial,I think the dust got stirred up again. *sniff* the beer not soo much. We used to do back in my drinking days in Germany would do a toast to those that were not there anymore. We would use Stuttgarter Hoffbrau:) “heres to us and those like us…damm few of us left….