Kilted To Kick Cancer…

I don’t have any nicky-neat pictures of me in a kilt (nor would you want to see that), but having said that…

September is our time to try to raise a few bucks for prostate and testicular cancer, and we’re half way through the month already.

This year, Kilted to Kick Cancer is now officially a 501(c)3 so we’re asking that the donations go there.

This is the ONLY month I’ll bother you for donations, but even if you don’t donate, PLEASE get checked… This hits one in six males…

Don’t be ‘that’ guy… A finger wave is a small price for keeping your ass (and the rest of you) alive…

If you’d like to donate to my team go HERE, then select Team OldNFO.

Thank you to all those who’ve already donated, it IS appreciated, and the person you save may be me…

For anyone that donates $50, I’ll send you signed copies of both my books (Book 2 Payback should be out in Oct).

On my last physical my PSA was ‘elevated’ enough to get the Doc’s attention, and I’m taking meds, and getting checked twice a year.


Kilted To Kick Cancer… — 10 Comments

  1. I went through a prostate cancer scare last year, complete with biopsy (what FUN!). Fortunately everything was OK this time around but we DO continue to get checked every year.

  2. You in a kilt.

    Okay, Ace. I’ve got nausea from my chemo and two things that do not help me are:
    pictures of food
    thoughts of you in a kilt

    I may be violently ill.

  3. Buck- Yep…

    Mad Jack- Yep, NOT pretty… 🙂

    Capt- Understand it’s not for everybody… But now 8 of my former crewmates are all dead of cancer. I ‘choose’ to get checked.

  4. Copies of both books?!! You might get even more donations if you threatened to send out pictures of you in a kilt to all those who don’t contribute!

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  6. Dang it!!

    I love a good story and if snippets I’ve read here and the reviews on Amazon are any indication….. I’ve kicked in my $50. And contacted KTKC for some information so that I can get my company to match it.

    OK, so this year, someone throws good fiction at me.

    Last year it was the JayG is a pretty pretty pirate.
    Year before that was Jennifer shooting a .50
    Year before that was Ambo-driver in drag and a t-shirt.

    Somehow, I think I’ll get more enjoyment out of this.

  7. Olde- Good point… Lemme think about that… 🙂

    Joe- Send me an addy via email, and I’ll get them out.

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