WWII Poster

And it’s back to the Marines!

WWII Marine poster JM FlaggThis is another one by J.M. Flagg, link HERE. ¬†Interestingly this was done in 1942, but still shows the WWI helmet, and that looks a lot like an 03A3 with an M1905 on it…

Can’t tell much from the ammo pouches either…

Another thing with this one, is that it was printed for Milwaukee, with a specific Recruiting Station address on it.



WWII Poster — 10 Comments

  1. I used to have one of those WWI helmets, painted white with a triangular “CD” logo on the front. The helmet belonged to my grandfather, who was too old to fight in WWII but served in the Civil Defense Corps. Like a LOT o’ things in my life, that helmet got up and walked away. (sigh)

  2. Ed- Yeah, I didn’t realize they did that till I started looking around…

    Buck- Sorry to hear that. Family history is GOOD to have.

  3. All the posters show the end result of training, after the “dues” are paid. Has anyone produced a poster showing the glories of basic training?

  4. Brodie Helmets and ’03s were pretty standard up to mid-42. Particularly in the PTO.
    Heck, Marines held the line at Guadalcanal with ’03s. And M1919 Browning machine guns.

  5. Stretch beat me to it concerning the Marines. I’m pretty sure the Army during the fall of the Philippines still had the doughboy helmets, but I’m not sure what firearm they had. In any case, that image with the dough-boy helmet would have resonated with the civilians during the early years in the war; that’s the image they had of our fighting men.

    I’ve also read that a lot of older WW2 Marines preferred the ’03s to the M1. But that could have been individual author’s bias talking.

  6. Time honored tradition, Marines getting everyone elses’ crappy hand-me-downs.