The Grey Man update…

It’s a (proof) BOOK!

Payback uprightMaking the last slog through the editing/corrections.  I know I’m not going to catch everything, but I’ll do my best for y’all…

Hoping to have it out the end of the month.

Thank you for your patience!!!


The Grey Man update… — 20 Comments

  1. I’m currently rereading THE GREY MAN so I’ll be ready for the new book !!

  2. Wahoo! I have been looking forward to this as I was to my first time with a woman (whore in a house in Yokosuka). But reading the book will last much longer.

  3. To embrace my inner Tam:
    “Shut up and take my money!”

  4. Good news (or maybe bad). Just finishing the first one, and
    can barely put it down. Muy excellente, amigo!

  5. I know practicing patience is supposed to be a virtue but I’m getting tired…:)

  6. Can’t wait. When is the next one after this coming? 🙂