WWII Poster…

It’s back around to the Navy, and this one is a ‘tad’ different…

It’s for the Naval Reserve…


This is another one from McClelland Barclay.  Barclay was actually in the Navy as a Naval Constructor starting in 1938, and was a LCDR when he was lost at sea off the Solomons Islands after LST 342 he was aboard was torpedoed.

The sailor is tightening down a tampion in the muzzle of probably an 8 inch gun. An interesting little side fact, ONLY the USN uses a standard five pointed star for ALL tampions.  Other naval services allow the ship’s crest on the tampions…


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  1. Today the reserve recruiting posters should have pictures of them in full MOP suits in blighted Africa, handing out Korans (in honor of the commander-in-chief) and giving aid and comfort to ebola victims.

    That would have recruits pouring in to enlist in the reserves.

  2. My vocabulary lesson for the day: tampion (and Firefox doesn’t like it, giving it the infamous red squiggly). Prior to today I thought a tampion was just a plug. Thanks!

  3. My first thought was where is my copy of Richard McKenna’s book “The Left Handed Monkey Wrench.”

    Richard McKenna is justly famous for the novel “The Sand Pebbles,” and I would suggest that his unfinished second novel, and his short stories are more than worth reading.

    I spent from ’81 to ’97 as a drilling reservist. I saw the reserves go from an organization that seemed mostly social, to a group of professionals.

    John in Philly

  4. Apart from the oath of enlistment on their current TV ads, followed by “treating everyone fairly” (which made me gag), I’m laughing at the wrench monkey in his casual whites … Probably not the best choice for manual labor, but then what do I know?

  5. As an old mechanic of some advanced years, (76) from the positioning of his hands, the leaning of his body, and the position of the jaws of the wrench, I would bet my next meal that he is removing said tampion in prep for swabbing or shooting that thing!! And the wrench itself looks to be a precursor of the Adjustable “crescent” wrench with it’s rounded edges. An actual “monkey wrench” is a flat forged wrench with adjustable jaws, but I never saw one big enough to get two hands on. Then there was the “Ford” wrench which was a thicker model of the monkey, and which Henry included with each of his cars for a time.

  6. Correction to above post. I’m trying to watch a football game, talk to my wife and write this.
    The Ford wench is the flat forged one and the Monkey wrench is the bigger thicker one with the part wood handle. I’m slippin’ in that old age!

  7. Ed- Yep!

    LL- Yeah, right… But probably MORE correct…

    Buck- LOL, it’s Navy talk…

    John- They did step up! And they done good at sea too!!!

    Rev- Undress whites was usually the rule…

    Mrs.C/Brigid- Yep, young sailors ALL look good to y’all… 🙂

    Ev- I ‘think’ it’s a monkey wrench… And lefty loosie… 🙂

  8. That is back when Men were steel and ships were wood. Another cool poster.