WWII Poster…

I’m kinda jumping out of my sequence here, but I wanted to post this one this week…

WWII flag poster

Courtesy of Northwestern Univ HERE.

This one was done by the Office of War Information, but I think it’s applicable for this week…

It is time to go vote, and I ask each and everyone to go VOTE!  Our country needs us to stand up now, more than ever to change our direction back in a positive direction.

I’m not going to ask you to vote a specific way, all I’m asking is you research the candidates and vote based on actual platforms not sound bites and ads…



WWII Poster… — 12 Comments

  1. Don’t you just love the way politicians and pundits make confident-sounding predictions about the outcome of future elections based on a one or two percentage point lead in the latest poll, when the poll itself clearly states it has a confidence factor of plus or minus *three* percent? Something about politics seems to foster its own brand of magical thinking on the part of some people.

    So, assume nothing and VOTE.

  2. I’ve also voted every time since I was eligible. I am the proud owner of my great-uncle John’s casket flag. He died in 1921, so it’s a 48 star flag. On the binding edge it has a Navy anchor, and the word “Dreadnaught” printed on it. Pretty cool.

  3. The polling is tightening up for the senate race here in Virginia! lets get out the vote!!!

  4. Great poster.
    I have been voting for forty two years I have only missed three primaries

  5. MSgt- Yep!

    GR6- Actually HELL NO! They play those BS games to try to ‘influence’ turnout…

    WSF- Great!

    gfa- I have too! Absentee is great!

    CP/Ed- LOL

    Ed- LOL x2

    LR1- Same here, only once for me too!

    Craig- That is excellent! The dreadnaught represented the size jackstaff it would fit!

    Woody- I hope they do!

    Rick- Thanks!