A few…

Of my favorite things…

Colts… Hey they don’t run fast, and I can catch ’em, unlike the sweet young things I see around work.  Besides, most of the ones around work look younger than my daughters!!! Sigh…


And they grew… (the #$^#*&) picture flipped, I was NOT standing in front of muzzles… sigh

Colts 2Left to right-  Colt Woodsman, Python, Python, Officer’s Target Match, Trooper, Trooper Mk III, Pre-Woodsman.  Contributors were myself, Keads, Pedi, Thot.

And they all shot pretty dang good! 🙂

Hopefully a few folks got some other pictures of all the ‘goodies’ folks brought out! We had everything from a muzzle loader (thanks Nancy) to a Barrett M-82 , to a Pig… And just about everything in between! Carbines and Garands, ARs a bunch, an Uzi and a RONI too!!!

It’s amazing what 30 folks can bring to the table so to speak!  And  we had a bowling pin shoot too!!!

And Jay and I snuck over to the 400 yard range and banged some steel…  Jay went four for four with a nice little Savage he’s got!

Thanks to Murph for organizing this (again)! You’d think he would have learned…

And after the bill was paid we STILL raised $$ for charity!

And the weather even held off (the rain at least).  It was a bit chilly, but we dealt with that (coffee!!! Thanks Nancy).

And two really lousy pictures of the dinner afterward, at least I got ‘most’ of the folks in the picture!


A few… — 19 Comments

  1. Sadly, I’ve never owned a Colt revolver. Shot a bunch of ’em though! (Always wanted an older Python and a Dick Special)

    Sounds like you folks had a great time!


  2. BUck- Thanks, sadly not all of them were mine!

    WSF- LOL, yeah lots of “can I shoot that” went on!

    gfa- We did, it’s a great pickup group! MI, NY, NC, OH were all represented! Youngest was I think 10 (and she shot an M-1 carbine with a little help), and I think I was the oldest… sigh…

  3. “Senior attendee” sounds better than “oldest”, I think. 🙂

    And yep, some mighty fine lookin’ shootin’ irons there, partner.

  4. I love the colt woodsman. My dad had one – and sold it for some reason when I went away to college(!).

    They can run fast – Jerry Miculek!

  5. Good to see you again and thanks for bringing the hardware! I had a great time.

  6. Keads- Yep, I did too! Paying for it today, but that’s okay… 🙂 Thanks for coming up and bringing the pins! That was a great idea!!!

  7. Nice. I lean toward the Colt snubbies myself. 1st & 2nd model Detective Specials and the older Banker’s Specials. I’m still looking for a .22 Banker’s Special that I can afford. Only seen one in 40 years.

  8. Glad you made it out. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as fun without you there. And it was quite the surprise when you realized that the Brown Bess musket that Nancy had brought was just three digits off in the serial number from the one that you’d been issued back in the day, wasn’t it?

  9. Sorry I broke your Camera, but with my Face, it happens a lot. ; )

    And since I can get Bowling Pins from Storm, you may have opened a can of Worms. ; )

    Take Care.

  10. emdfl- Good luck! I’ve seen ONE in my life…

    Dammit- LOL

    Murph- FUn was had… and it was FIVE numbers… ;-P

    Les- ROTF… Fun to be had! (and frustrations galore)…

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