Go buy it!!!

Our own DaddyBear has published his first book!


It’s available on Amazon HERE!

I was very honored to be asked to Beta read this one, and DB has done an excellent job of ‘getting it on paper’…

Humor, life lessons through the eyes of a barbarian (yes there are some), and just plain entertaining reading!

Highly recommended!!!


Go buy it!!! — 4 Comments

  1. On your recommendation, sir, I perused this book. I reached this –

    “You are the office barbarian, the guy at the family reunion that is just a little odd, the one that can look menacing while having a tea party, complete with tiara, with his little girl.”

    – and realized I must possess this book! That one sentence pretty much described my small circle of friends. Or maybe Correia. Or JayG. No matter. Gotta have it.

    (Just wish it was a treebook. Loves me the smell and feel.)

  2. Craig- LOL, yep pretty much ‘sets’ the tone right there… 🙂

    DB- Glad I can ‘help’… 🙂