Happy Birthday…

The Marines are 239 years young… Not bad for a bunch that started in a bar…



Ten Hut!

Hand Salute!

Ready, Two…


Happy Birthday… — 10 Comments

  1. Every year I call my friend Mike. The conversation goes like this.

    “Happy Birthday,jarhead”.

    “Thanks ditchboy, now go spit shine your entrenching tool”.

  2. 😉 You’re just jealous, ’cause the founders of the Navy didn’t think to start in a bar 😉

    Semper Fi’

  3. I like to remind my Marine friends that they are apart of the Department of the Navy…lol

  4. My Partner and back up at work is a Marine (pilot). I’d not have anyone else watching my six.

  5. Rick- Yep!!!

    DM- 🙂 True!!! And y’all do GOOD regardless men or women!

    JUGM- LOL…

    Brigid- Yes, he’ll be there for ya, regardless!!!