It followed me home…

So I guess I better keep it…

Clicken to embiggen


4.1M serial Remington 03A3 built 11/43 with a 09/43 barrel that gauges 0/0.

03A3  no serno

All the correct proof marks, including the circle P behind the trigger guard, and four small proof marks in front of the magazine.

03A3 proof marks

And it’s a correct 1942 Bayonet


Union Fork and Hoe, one of a host of companies that built them in 42/43…

1942 bayonet

I can’t prove it, but I ‘think’ this might be an early DCM gun that has been sitting in storage or a safe somewhere.  It’s in excellent condition, and nothing ‘I’ can find tells me it’s an arsenal rework. It’s all Remington, and all the numbers/letters/codes/cartouches are sharp and clean.

Thanks to Murph and Jay for the assist on this one, thanks to Joby and Proud Hillbilly for joining us!  Fun times and good food with friends is ALWAYS worth it!!!

I can’t wait to get this one to the range and shoot it!  Sadly that probably won’t be until after the first of the year, due to other commitments… sigh…

Now whereinhell did I hide the 1907 sling I was ‘saving’…


It followed me home… — 21 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Murphy was talking about your incredible good luck at gun shows…..I have an O3A3 made by Remington.S/N 3407056 also made in October 1943. My bayonet is a knockoff but it does look good:) I hope to find either an original O3 or an M1917. Something about the old rifles and the story they could tell.

  2. The 03A3 is my favorite 1903.
    Always liked the rear peep sight better than the
    arrangement on the 1903.
    Unfortunately, I have never owned one.

    Yours looks great, as does the bayonet.

  3. Like I’ve said so many times…some people go to gun shows to look for deals. I go to watch Old NFO make out like a bandit.

  4. Wow. Awesome. For some reason I got it in my pumpkin head that they quit making these that late in the war. Silly now that I think about it… 🙂

  5. I had to look up on the wall to see if mine was still there after seeing your pics!

    Mine’s a 3.48 million gun, 2-43 barrel, 3-43 receiver. My bayonet is a repop though.

    Bought it from the guy to whom it was issued in WW2!

  6. Some guys are chick magnets, some guys are gun magnets, and some guys are lucky enough to be both…

  7. Well done sir!
    Bravo Zulu to you and your new old piece of history.