Not PC…

Can you imagine seeing this ad today???



And it’s the Christmas season…  So are you being honest with Santa Claus???






Not PC… — 17 Comments

  1. I use WD40 all the time, but selectively. It can collect grit and dust thus making it abrasive. So I would never use it on my tool… unless there was a real need for some abrasiveness.

  2. No, our squeaky-clean society wouldn’t allow that non-PC wording. But apparently Miley Cyrus et al performing nude is perfectly okay.

    • It’s how things work in the urban hells. Fly-over country still has some sense of values for the most part.

  3. I’ll take on the Christmas one.

    My employer thinks I’ve been a good boy this year so I might be seeing something in my stocking.

  4. I love that ad. I love all the ones that are not PC because they are just good clean fun. I don’t think many people would like the fact I have a fallout shelter sign (real antique—-way old—cuz I’m not-LOL) in my mud room prior to entering my house.

  5. My employer seems to think I’ve been a good boy this year. So I might have something in the ol stocking.

  6. I’m desperately trying to make a joke concerning panties amblazoned with “naughty” across the back that found there way into my sock draw, man sized WD-40, and being a good boy for Christmas.

    (I really, really, really, want that Model 70 Featherweight in .270)

  7. Still laughing at the WD-40, days later.

    Tidbit – I used to use WD-40 as a fish attractant in salt water (before we really knew better). Worked like a charm, same as using a brick soaked in kerosene for lobsters.

  8. CP/WSF- I dunno about y’all… 🙂

    Rev/LL- Yep on the money!

    Joe- You and me both!

    Fargo- But you’re twisted… 😛 And it IS strange how ‘offensive’ some find the old signs and ads…

    SPE- You dug that hole… LOL

    Joe- TRue

    Mrs.C- Didn’t know that.

    Craig- I know nozzink… 😀