A GOOD flash mob…

With all the crap going on right now, I’m just not going to go down that rat hole…

While this occurred last year, it’s worth remembering there are GOOD folks out there doing good things…

And I hope they do it again this year! 🙂


A GOOD flash mob… — 9 Comments

  1. Unrelated comment, but I’d figure you’d appreciate it…watching the news with the Ladyfriend and learned that combat ops in the Sandbox are over. I proceeded to go kick over a chair.

    Ladyfriend talks to my Mother a little later, and low and behold, Pop did the same thing watching the embassy get overrun in Saigon

  2. I’m having more & more trouble trying to work up anything to write about, these days. Having done so for nearly seven years now, I’m tired of repeating myself. 🙂

  3. This looked familiar so I went and checked. Sure enough, I posted this on 12/11/2013, almost a year ago to the day. The vid is well and truly wonderful.

  4. Wonderful performance.

    Debbie Downer moment. I’ve never seen so many senior NCOs in one place. Musicans are important, but E7, E8, E9?

  5. SPE- Yep, I think we ALL have done the same thing…

    Rev- Understood… sigh

    Buck- It’s STILL good! 😀

  6. Wonderful performance. Saw something similar a few months back, what appeared to be high-school age kids “invading” a mall, playing “Ode to Joy”. Started about the same way – one kid walking in, and starting to play, and then more and more joining him, all wearing the same t-shirts. Good stuff.