The detritus of aviation history…

Or another one of those things most people never see…

Just a weird looking fabric hangar sitting off the end of a runway…

IMG_2102Except for a little plaque outside the door…IMG_2088Kauai is the home of one of the busiest test ranges (open ocean) in the world, and it is used by all the services, DARPA, NASA and you name it…

Pathfinder was a one off that set a record for the ERAST program at NASA!

Sadly many ‘little’ things like this aren’t on any tours… Just like the USS Utah memorial at Ford Island…

And I finally got a little connectivity! Yea!!!

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The detritus of aviation history… — 12 Comments

  1. There you are in paradise — well, almost paradise — and you have no bandwidth. The Kauai is also beautiful with its pristine beach down on the old degaussing range.

  2. Love finding aviation detritus! Like crawling through abandoned B-52 and B-58 off the end of the runway at Edwards AFB years ago. Or finding out that the Atlantic Test Range still uses the radar pedestals that were left over from Nike-Hercules and Nike-Ajax missile sites in the Baltimore-Washington area. Or finding their launchers at NAS China Lake, CA. Or finding the tractor for one of the land-mobile MidgetMan ICBM prototypes at China Lake.
    Keep your eyes open. Those of us who don’t get to travel love hearing your adventures!

  3. Thanks for the pics and information NFO! Have a safe trip.

  4. At over 18 miles above earth, I don’t think there is much air up there to make the propellers very effective. And, being solar powered, I don’t guess there will be too many night flights.

  5. All- Thanks for the comments. I always wonder about posting stuff like this, because I don’t want people to think that I’m just showing off. But I find the little bits and pieces of history like this really interesting especially in light of where it’s located. CP, I don’t think I flew at night but I’m pretty sure it took them all damn day to get up there!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I will definantly show this to the boys, they love anything dealing with aviation