Laundering money???

We’ve all heard the hoopla over the Clinton ‘Foundation’ and all the foreign money donated…

What I can’t help but wonder is, are the Clintons doing nothing more than laundering money???

I wonder why these countries donate to the Clintons specifically rather than to the actual need, like the Haitian earthquake. Granted they were and still are also trying to buy influence assuming Hillary actually runs and magically wins. The MOA with Justice was window dressing, according to a lawyer I talked to the other day, he said it couldn’t possibly be enforced, because if it had, Hillary would have been gone in the first six months…

The other thing I wonder is how much they are scraping off the top of those donations? And I can’t help thinking this is the definition of dark money…

The Clintons have been running scams since they were in Arkansas, and have never stopped, IMHO…

Your thoughts?


Laundering money??? — 29 Comments

  1. Completely agree. but them we could be talking about most any fricking democrat.

  2. Please help me out. I don’t understand Beltway-speak.

    Where I come from MOA means Minute-of-Angle….but I am pretty sure that does not apply to Hillary and Department of Justice. For one thing, Hillary at fifty yards would be HOA…hour of angle.

    Given politicians obsession with how thing appear and “spin”, it could mean Many Optical Anomalies.

    Please clarify for this simple, country boy.

  3. Well, all foundation directors get a salary.
    I wonder if they get a percentage?
    But even a salary can be huge with bonuses based on amounts raised.
    Where are the funds invested waiting for distribution?
    How many investments are bogus, with payoffs to the Clintons?

  4. SoCAl- Point…

    ERJ- Memorandum of Agreement. In other words, they agreed to notify Justice of ANY foreign donations…

    Ed- Good points all, and no answers!

    Gerry- Yep, that’s what they want…

  5. Aww Shucks, they’re just fighting climate change and poverty and making the world a better place, right?

  6. No, not laundering.

    It’s simply a pay to play move and they are investing in the Clinton machine. If you want to chat about it in person next time you’re in town, I’ll explain how it all works because I have some …ah… experiences. It’s not for web chatter.

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  8. The Clinton machine is like the Kennedy machine. Without money accrued by dishonest means, huge political favors, and criminals involved, they wouldn’t exist.

    Money laundering? I’d bet yes, but with the crooks involved in Washington, they’ll never get prosecuted.

    • Jess mentioned the Kennedy machine. We shouldn’t forget Nancy Pelosi. Her dad was one-time mayor of Baltimore, D’Allensandro (forgot his first name), one of the more crooked politicians from way back when.

  9. He’s probably laundering the money at the same place he sent his pants before deciding to bomb Kosovo.

    I’m here all week, folks. :0

  10. Laundering is the least of it, what LL said. “Investing in Human Capital” – capital for capital, who just happen to be named Bill, Hillary, and now Chelsea.

  11. Jess- That IS an apt comparison…

    Scottie- Good point, I’d forgotten that!

    SPE- 🙂

    Tim- DAMN good point!

    NC- Yep!

    drjim- Arkansas Mafia… but yeah…

    Ed- YEP!!! Wonder how many will catch that. 🙂

  12. An enchanced version of the classic law firm scheme. Lawyer goes to any elected position but remains a partner in a law firm. Corporation “retains” law firm.

  13. Fearless prediction: Hillary will raise 100s of Millions of dollars. Just before the Dem Convention she will bow out due to “health reasons.” Whether Bill’s or Hill’s is irrelevant. They and all those millions will retire to a quiet (possibly extortion free) country.
    Of course there’s always the specter of Chelsea hovering just over the horizon.

  14. WSF- Yeah, true… Rose Law Firm…

    Yuri- That too!

    Stretch- Change that to already has raised, and I’ll agree!

  15. Maybe not Money Laundering,but instead, let’s just say… “Hey, you’ve got a Nice Country here. Sure hate to see it lose Foreign Aid or Trade when I come to Power, right Tony? Duh, yeah sure Boss.”

  16. This is the most reliable play in the Democrat playbook: get the money flowing from a legit concern, then down the road, corrupt it seven ways from Sunday and nobody gives a crap.

    Like Jess said above, worked for the Kennedy’s, and also Pelosi, the Chicago Machine of the Daleys, and before them Al Capone, and Boss Tweed in Tammany Hall. Well, OK, Scarface didn’t start with a legit concern. But since then, he seemed like a rich Democrat.

  17. I agree with several comments but don’t think Hillary will shrink from the scene, her ego will propel her into the race, otherwise she would have left Bill years ago in Little Rock. Thanks for listening Russell

  18. Russell- Personally I think the only reason she didn’t was Bill has something to hold over her head…

  19. How much money has Obama shipped off to other countries? At least Shillary has brought some it back home!