I really need to make notes…

You know how you tend to misplace and/or forget things?

Yeah, that feeling…

Well, I got a package in the mail, had no idea what it was. Hauled it in the house, finally got around to opening it, and NOW I remember…

Hint- It’s the one on top…

knives 1

It’s the big brother to the one I bought last year from Gordon Graham.knives 2

And here’s a close up of the two blades. Both are Damascus. The Bowie is in what is called ladder style, the lower in tiled style.

IMG_2134Fantastic work, and believe it or not, these are working knives.

I really need to keep better track of things… sigh…


I really need to make notes… — 22 Comments

  1. Nice! I like ‘sharp and pointy’ objects too, but those are art! Very nice work indeed.

    Say, if you are having trouble keeping up with your knife storage, you can route the shipping to me and I’ll take care of them. :^)

  2. Those are beautiful art as well as a functioning tool. Love them. I used to give things like that as gifts to my husband. The first one that is. I was afraid the second one would use it against me. LMAO

  3. ART??? I thought the blades had been raked across a few rib cages or sternums. Maybe slapped against other blades in a dispute or something. But the leather works is great.

  4. Lovely! FYI, I’ve read that Tennessee has a weird Knife Law that says something about a Four Inch MAXIMUM Blade length is “Allowed” to be carried in Public. Keep that in mind for Nashville.

    Unless some Locals have some more Info to share with us?

  5. I’m still jealous since you showed them to me! They’re absolutely gorgeous and completely drool-worthy.

  6. Wow. Those are sharp.

    Mind you this is coming from a guy whose assortment of cutlery consisted of a Leathernman MUTT, a Swiss Army Knife, an old M-7 bayonet, and his the Ka-Bar his Harrier jockey cousion gave him before deploying the first time.

  7. Hey, at least you got duplicate knives. Do you know how many times each year I order a really cool-looking book off of Amazon only to find that I already have it when I go to put it in my bookcase?

  8. If you ever get to the point that you not only don’t remember what you ordered AND don’t want it you know where I live…

  9. j.r.- You’d have to fight my daughters for them…LOL

    Miguel- The ‘little’ one is 9 1/2 inches. The big one is a full sized Bowie!

    Fargo- If you were giving things like that away, we need to talk…LOL

    Randy- All the leather work is hand done, none of it is stamped. Kenny Rowe out of Hope, AR They also match my belt and holsters. 🙂

    CP- They’ll work for that too!

    Les- Those won’t be coming to Nashville.

    Pedi- You only saw the little one. 🙂

    SPE- LOL, thanks! You’ll get there…

    GR6- Thank you sir, but the credit goes to Gordon.

    Dammit- Only because I was too stupid to walk away…LOL

    Murph- LOL, but the books are a LOT cheaper (in some cases)

    Keads- Thanks!

    PH- 🙂 Heh… See the first comment!

  10. Ed- Yes I forgot… sigh… Kenny is damn good, but he’s a ‘tad’ backed up…

    WSF- Not trying to rub it in.

  11. Dammit- Those aren’t my initials, they are JS for journeyman smith. Gordon can’t put master until he passes his test this year.

  12. If I didn’t know you are a wonderful sharing fine fellow and was personally (me) driven by envy and avarice — I might think you were boasting and prideful. But I read carefully and as much as you love those fine looking knives and their leather, you are aware of creeping age old problems shared by many. Gosh, those are really lovely, great art and function.