The usual suspects…

The usual suspects have gathered once again at the annual pilgrimage… The NRA annual meeting!!!

This year it’s Nashville, and we met early at the press room and caught up with those folks we haven’t seen since last year.

It’s going to be a crowded venue, as it’s smaller than Indy. There is at least one ‘rumored’ loss of an entire shipment of guns. More on that as I find out…

I’ve only gotten three requests, but plan on more cruising the floor this afternoon.


The usual suspects… — 6 Comments

  1. Why were Rand Paul & Mike Lee not invited to this, when Jeb Bush & Bobby Jindal were? Not feeling the kind of gun rights warriors I can support…

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    I wish I could be there…but I found out late and I can’t afford 300 to 400 dollar hotel prices for a night. But Mac said that the N.R.A will be in Atlanta next year….Yeah!!!! So I will be there NEXT year…and this time I will start the process earlier…and we as always will live vicariously through your adventures.

  3. NFO, could you wander by the Colt booth and ask on pricing and availability on the LE-6920-OEM1? While you are at it ask why the OEM1 and OEM2 are listed at the same price and same description on their Web site?

    I would appreciate that! Y’all have fun, sorry I could not be there. Keep an eye on ML, you know how he gets =)

  4. Dammit/Rick- Dunno, I’ll check tomorrow.

    Bob- Next year is Louisville, KY (unless you know something I don’t know…

    Keads- will do.