The Grey Man, update…

Book three, The Grey Man- Changes is off to the editor!

And here’s the cover that Tina has designed…

It fits with the story line, and once again I’m impressed with the quality and how she’s able to tie the cover into the story.

TGMChangesThanks once again Tina, I appreciate your great work!!!



The Grey Man, update… — 18 Comments

  1. Great news, I’m sure you are beat ! I’m betting the third installment is as good as your first two.

  2. I like that cover — and I’m reminding my friend about the knife.

  3. Can’t wait for the dead tree version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One day, when I have my fancy wood paneled den/armory/library I’m gonna bore the hell out of my kids as I sip scotch and show of my collection of signed first editions.

  4. Cool, looking forward to it. Where’s the list to sign up for an author autographed copy?

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    Yes, I can’t wait…for both the kindle and dead tree version. I am excited….and so is my kid….

  6. IF all goes as planned (Knock Wood!), I should be able to pick up my next Autographed Edition at Murphy’s Blogshoot, right?

    And none of this Flying out to Okinawa stuff either! Be There or Be Square! ; )

  7. So excited! I had my library order your first two books and picked them up this afternoon. Will be starting the first one tonight and as I finish I will post a review on Amazon.