Still here…

Going through some hoops with the blog- I understand some folks haven’t been able to comment.

Barron is working on it. If you try to comment and can’t, please email me with a time when you tried a failed.

In other news, one more day of LibertyCon, I’m learning a lot, meeting some interesting people, and at WAY too much at dinner…

If you’re hungry, hit the City Diner downtown in Chattanooga!


This was the open faced Meatloaf ‘sandwich’… PLUS a ‘dinner salad’ that was a meal in itself… All for $12ish bucks…

One more day of the con, then back to reality… Dammit…

And yes, David Weber DOES have groupies… And yes, they do monopolize him to the point that you can’t get a word in edgewise, anything autographed, or a picture…

One of the funnier things was John Ringo, the real Joe Buckley and a few others sitting around in the smoking pit riffing on Joe and his various methods of dying… There was a complete short story created in about 15 minutes among the group, and it was actually funny as hell… Imagine if you will the Church of Joe… 🙂

And many thanks to Barron B for his help in getting the website running correctly (we hope) again!!!


Still here… — 11 Comments

  1. The only advice that I have is that you shouldn’t ever eat more in one sitting than you can lift. Otherwise, you’re fine – and that meatloaf sandwich looks delicious. You needed a break from the madness.

  2. Poor Barron is going “Damn it! he has not updated this site since Geocities was up and running.”

  3. Tommy- Umm… NO, not a 6 layer slice… There was NO room at the inn… LOL

    LL- Yep, it’s been rejuvenating!

    Miguel- 😛

    Ed- Yep, he’s quite the character!

  4. First the good news. I’m about 2/3 of the way through Changes and am enjoying it tremendously. A longer Amazon review will follow.
    Now the bad news. In hitching your comments gate to a 3rd party, especially a politically unreliable one like Captcha, you have made yourself vulnerable to them turning off your comments anytime they are displeased with your content. Would a bar hire a doorman than worked for the bar across the street?

  5. Uncle Kenny- I know, but I get about 100 spams a day in comments. If I didn’t have recaptcha they’ll all show up in the comments section… Sigh.

    Keads- Yep! 🙂

  6. I have finished number 3. Now waiting for number 4. Thanks for writing it. I will leave a review at Amazon.