Great weekend!!!

This weekend was truly a learning experience! Got a chance to meet quite a few really GOOD authors, learned quite a bit about writing, money management, promotion, and got to sit in on some interesting discussions…

And I bought a few books…

signed books

I’d actually read most of these on Kindle, but it’s nice to actually have signed copies… And I’m sorry Steph, I couldn’t ever get past Weber’s groupies to actually get you a signed book…

It’s been a weird week for SCOTUS, the Confederate flag controversy, and numerous shootings in Chiraq and other (typical) locations, but those shootings seem to be buried or not worth comment from the White House.  And the good news, they got the two escapees from Dannamora, HERE

In other news, one ‘should’ want gun owners for neighbors. A good post on that is up at Robar blog HERE.

It looks like the blog is working again, THANK YOU Barron!

Hopefully posting and commenting will be back to normal this week.


Great weekend!!! — 12 Comments

  1. Please sir, may we have more con photos?

    Looks like a great time for all at the Con.

  2. j.r.- It was!

    John- Actually I didn’t take any photos per se… I was usually too busy writing notes. Oleg was there and taking pictures everyday, so I hope he puts some of them up!

    • Cedar has posted some photos, Oleg has not yet posted any on his blog. I thought Pixie Noir was great and when I catch up a little on my reading, I will read more of her work.

  3. Must have been truly wonderful. 🙂

    Btw, you’re going to love Cedar’s book – it actually makes a good companion for the MHI novels, but with a completely different slant on things. Also, she’s a friend of Wing’s, but you probably know that now.

  4. I just bought Empires at War (book one) and The Thunderbolt Affair. I’m a bit skeptical of “steampunk” stories, and hope that Thunderbolt Affair lives up to the hype. Kindle is cool, point, shoot and they arrive.

  5. I know that I mentioned “The Last Centurion” several months ago. Shame on you if you haven’t already read it. It’s eerily prescient, even more so since I read it.
    Glad that you had such a great time and are back home. Now, back to the grind…

  6. Fantastic selection! The Last Centurion by Ringo and Freehold by Williamson are part of what I call my subversive collection when I’m getting folks to read books that actually make them think.

    No worries on Weber–love his books, but hanging out with Ringo, Williamson, Grant and company is a fan’s dream! Can’t wait to see what ideas you came up with!

  7. OldNFO was an extremely good sport about dealing with my sleep deprived attempts at …squirrel!… conversation, interspersed with “Oh! Hey! Let me introduce you to…”

    Midwest Chick – if you think those two by Mad Mike are subversive, you’ll likely love his latest one, A long Time Until Now. Sure, it’s a good story about 10 soldiers lost in the paleolithic. But it’s also very much the story of people of wildly different faiths dealing with the same loss of their entire world, and how they deal with that, and with each other.

    It holds the rare achievement of being not only true to all viewpoints with a distinct lack of cardboard stereotypes, but also of showing how atheists, evangelical, pagans, and others can respect each other while holding true to their beliefs.

    And has snappy lines. “You didn’t think I could shoot expert because I’m a woman!” … “Uh, no, it’s because you’re air force.”

  8. I just want you to know, I bought and have finished reading your third book, and I am so happy about much in it, but mostly because there always seems to be memories of the past but always the promise of the future. And lovely how quickly one gets through the airports and into foreign countries because they are ‘good people’. Although my son had a comrade that got everything in time for his family, before he past on. So it must be better in many ways, even when we don’t get the Hollywood ending we all wish for.