Ban everything…

First it was the Army of Northern Virginia battle flag…

Now they want to take down all Confederate statues…

Well, don’t stop there…

Tear down the Jefferson Memorial in DC, the Washington Monument too, they owned slaves… Maybe they could be replaced by the statues of the first gay couple and first lesbian couple to be married…

Didn’t Lincoln too??? Lots of room for PC statues now…

Faneuil Hall in Boston, all those houses in Lexington and Concord. I’m sure slavery was discussed there. Ditto for Independence Hall, Carpenter’s Hall, the President’s house in Philly. Those historic buildings in Annapolis. Gotta tear down the White House, and Congress too…

You know slavery was discussed there. Pretty much all President’s libraries and homes prior to Gerald Ford (and maybe his too). Can’t let those state houses stand in the South…

All those historic homes in the South.  Richmond, Charleston, Savannah, Jekyll Island, Nashville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. All those plantation homes throughout the South and Southwest…

Hell, just to be on the safe side, if a house or building is over thirty years old, tear it down too…

And don’t forget those historic churches… Can’t let them stand…

Destroy all those Revolutionary and Civil War battlefields, plow them under and salt the earth. Destroy any museums that have anything to do with the Revolution and Civil War…

But feel free to go buy the Che shirts, posters, etc.  And all that Nazi memorabilia, and Communist memorabilia. Or do stuff like THIS, or THIS, or even THIS

To me the truly sad part is the class acts by the families and the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston have been overcome by the agenda driven attack dogs…

Oh yeah, and a good one HERE

Kicking the soap box back in the corner…


Ban everything… — 29 Comments

  1. There’s a plan to burn US flags in NY this weekend. I assume that the participating baby daddies will burn their EBT cards at the same time.

    I tried all my life not to see differences, just commonalities. Now all they’ll LET me see is differences. So be it. I’ll be the same to individuals as always. But as groups, stay away from me. I’m done.

  2. Don’t you love people who scream for YOU to be tolerant of their habits, activities, proclivities, nasty little secrets and actions, but will protest at the drop of a hat something they feel is offensive to their way of thinking.
    Morons. Hypocritical morons.

    • Those people who always are preaching about tolerance are the most intolerant ones. Just like the Democrats in DC are always preaching about “bipartisanship”. But to them, bipartisanship is doing things their way or else.

  3. I want to start a pool on which states leaves the republic first. My $10 is on Texas.

  4. Liberals need something to hate. Now that they have Obamacare in the bag and sodomites may marry without regard, hating the South makes sense because they don’t vote Democrat.

    • As to Che, Mao and Lenin (Vlad, not John), who doesn’t love a dead Communist? When Barack (and all of his advisors) grew up, they were his heroes.

  5. What I’ve noticed is that people who claim to be open minded and tolerant – are anything but. There have been quite a few ultimatums posted on my FB page recently – “Beware Facebook friends, if you post an inhuman comment opposing Gay rights, or one supporting gun rights – you are gone!” It doesn’t matter whether I support or oppose gay rights or gun rights, or the right to eat cheese on Wednesdays, apparently he is free to speak his mind – but if I disagree, I am not. Gee, that’s tolerant. * rolls eyes *

  6. Sometimes you want your scars to be visible to remind you to not do stupid things again. The problem with sanitizing history is that it becomes difficult to learn from it. The cynic in me says that this is intentional.

  7. I’m pretty much against the banning of anything, based on the idea this is not an American Ideal!
    Obviously these folks think they know better, and have never had George Santayana quoted to them.
    We should BAN political correctness!!!


  8. I’d be all for banning Progressive and/or Revisionist thought, but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms. And it would make us just as bad as them.

    Secession seemed like a good idea for awhile, but I’m not sure it would solve anything, now.

  9. All- I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that is just a bit confused with what’s going on!

    Posting from my iPhone.

  10. I believe that if the Confederate flag, statues and other related stuff to the Civil War has to come down because it is offensive to some, then I also believe that statues to MLK and other Civil Rights advocates and historical figures should also come down as the are offensive to some, too. We need to keep it fair for all, ya know. And the rainbow flag!!! Burn and walk on it, too.

    • Problem with that plan is those things are only offensive to Badthinkers and Thoughtcriminals. Those on the Right Side of History, who hold the Moral High Ground, find them not only permissible but laudable and worthy of celebration of reverence.

    • Those assholes who are permanently “offended” about anything that comes to mind are themselves offensive.

  11. To control the future you must control the past, and the Proggies darn well mean to go for control.

  12. A huge part of the real problem is that the most vocal members of these groups actually believes that the battle lines during the civil war represented black and white (figuratively speaking) societies. If a black slave got across this mercurial line, society automatically accepted him as an equal, there was no racial prejudice or discrimination, and he and his family went on to become law abiding, productive members of society.

    They also believe that the Democrats were against slavery and the Republicans were in favor of it.

    The same group truly believes that taking down the Confederate battle standard will somehow, and we don’t really know how, miraculously transform the entire State into a veritable paradise, that discrimination will cease at all levels, that the cottonmouth water moccasin will be transformed into a harmless garter snake and that politicians really will be concerned for civil rights. Except for guns.

    I really need a drink.

  13. CP/Raptor/MJ- Yeah, that would throw them for a loop…

    Tim- Yep!

    Aaron- They are sure as hell trying!

    Skip- Wait until we can raise bail money…

    MD- Pass the bottle… sigh…

  14. A couple of interesting perspectives—

    Click link, then scroll down and watch the video—
    At Gettysburg, the CSA had 272 artillery pieces, the USA 360. Here is just one in action. If need be, move the slider all the way left to see the first shot. Watch the horizon for the puff of smoke, then watch the projectile take the top branches out of the tree.

  15. RHT- I’ve heard Mr. Edgerton speak… Eloquent… And no, I wouldn’t want to be sitting on that mount in an artillery duel…

  16. “There is only The Party. There is no past and no future with out The Party.”

  17. I have no problem with civil unions, but the idea nine judges believe they know better than every critical and humanist thinker in the history of the planet is the height of arrogance.

    The hashtag “Love wins,” is idiotic, though. If that is your gold standard, than every pedophile and bestiality enthusiast would be free to marry who and what they please. (No, I am not equating gays with these people.)

    It will now open the doors to polygamy – some are already calling for it – and the demand religious institutions be forced to perform gay marriages against their will. We saw what happened to the bakers already, and the president’s advisers are already claiming some churches may lose their tax exemptions if they refuse to obey “their betters.”

    Gay marriage in and of itself is not the end of the world. (I couldn’t care less if they want to get married.) The hatred and tariffs placed on those who disagree will be.