And the games continue…

DC has managed to get the DC circus court to issue a ‘stay’ on the CCW provision that Judge Scullin overturned, and the next hearing with him cancelled…

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Monday issued a stay pending appeal that will again allow the city to enforce a key provision of its restrictive concealed carry laws.

Full article HERE from the Washington Times.

So effectively you can kiss off getting a CCW in DC anytime soon… And don’t get caught with ammo or God forbid, a gun in your vehicle as you pass through DC…

I either go AROUND DC on 495, or if I have to go into the District, I take Metro (and carry a ‘cane’)…

I don’t remember who said it, but someone on one of the blogs nailed it last year- DC will NEVER voluntarily comply with the CCW laws unless they are absolutely forced to.

In other news, HERE are all the states ranked in reverse order…

51. DC


The good ones?

11. TX

10. KY

9. VA

8. WI

7. NH

6. VT

5. ND

4. FL

3. WY

2. AK

1. UT




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  1. There has been a tectonic shift in California, which is now a shall-issue state. I think that the ranking of CA in regard this needs to be reconsidered. I know of a number of people including bloggers like MAINFO (no longer blogging) who obtained them with relative ease.

    • The rural counties, sure.

      L.A. county?

      You’d better be damn well connected, and rich!

      I’ve met ONE person in the last 10 years who had a CCW permit from L.A. county. He had to requal to get it renewed, and one of the training classes I was taking at the time met the requirements.

      Really nice guy, but from watching him perform in class, a CCW would have done him no good.




      A genuine Bad Guy would have dropped him before he even knew what was going on.

      The instructor and I both talked about the guy being permanently stuck in Condition White.

  2. LL-Only certain areas are shall issue, and I think the AG is still hoping to get Perulta overturned…

  3. Here in Kal IF the county census is 200,000 or less and IF the sheriff is ok, not a problem…sigh.

  4. I don’t know about that list. Arizona is unlicensed open and concealed carry, and we’re not one of the good guys?

  5. God put the Potomac River there for a reason.
    Now we have to pull up the bridges.
    And a MD CCW can easily be had. a 5-digit check to the state Dem. party will have one approve in no time.
    It was only 4-digits back in the ’80s but even the Dems allow for inflation.

  6. “How many times do The Alans (Gottlieb and Gura) have to spank you guys…?”

    That G&A list is a few years out of date, and was whack to start with. WA is #24? Horse feathers! The state’s been shall-issue fr over 50 years!

  7. Looked at the link and Arizona is #1. Not sure why your list is different.

  8. All- Thanks for the comments, without power, so I can’t respond to all. Tweell, interesting!

    Posting from my iPhone.

  9. I got a permit in El Dorado County, and now have my Utah CCW which enables the non-resident AZ permit (in process).

  10. I got my first CCW permit in FL, and it was easy. When I moved back to Ohio, I became a resident and got my Ohio CCW; again, easy. The training in Ohio is not burdensome and includes range time; the instructor wants to make sure you can hit something at 25 feet. Turns out, I can.

    I lived in WI for a while, and it’s an anti-freedom State. Even in the rural districts most people believe that carrying a pistol with you is a bad idea. Their reasoning? The residents of Wisconsin eat cheese and drink, and by that I mean they really put it away. Guns and booze don’t mix.

    WI may come around, but for now the state is on my own unfriendly list.

  11. I’m not so sure about some of where the states go on that list myself. Ohio is at #41, and while there are some issues with how things are here, they’ve gotten a lot better recently.