So the question is what will happen with Colt?

Right now nobody knows… But I’d find it truly ironic if the Indians helped bail them out!

I was asked what I was going to do if they went under, since I’m known as a Colt guy, and I said keep shooting them… 🙂 I don’t do safe queens…

Then one of the guys asked how many I had, and I didn’t honestly remember… So I pulled them out of the safe yesterday (it was time to check/wipe them down anyway).

big pictureSo, looks like 18 Colts, dating from 1892 to 2013… At least these are the ones I have here…

And yes, before you ask, I’m a fan of revolvers… So there… 😛

I will admit to owning a couple of S&W K22s, thanks to Tam and Joe, my gunsmith. I use them for training guns. There are a few other cats and dogs in the safe, but since they didn’t say Colt, I didn’t pull them out.

Now if my knee will just get better, I can get back on the line and shoot some of them!!!



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  1. That is a nice herd of ponys you have there sir. Congratulations on your good fortune.

  2. A good collection. I was at the gun range yesterday trying to decide on which Glock I prefer. I liked the 26 a lot, and had a good pattern on the target. The 43 is smaller and lighter and it was harder to get a decent pattern (for me). So which did I buy? The 43. Only because it seem to fit perfectly in my IWB. No one ever said I used good logic.

  3. I thought I was the only person in dah world who liked the M-16/M4 full length with a carry handle. At least that’s the impression I get when looking at ads, on-line reviews, etc.

  4. You need an intervention. I require volunteers to help me move this awful arsenal to a secure location 😀

  5. You lucky b******! 🙂

    If you ever decide you’ve a surplus, and want to donate some to a worthy cause, I known a guy…


  6. j.r.- The good fortune of growing up in a family that didn’t sell guns… 🙂

    CP- “Somewhere” there was some logic… somewhere… 🙂

    LCB- I’m an old fart. What can I say. Back in the day I learned how to shoot with iron sights.

    Miguel- Sure, sure…

    WSF- LOL, at least I don’t have to clean up after them…

    gfa- Sorry, but these will stay in the family.

  7. Bet that AR with the triangular fore-grip doesn’t have a forward bolt assist either.
    No school like old school.

  8. Nice set of irons there! What will become of Colt? The Antis always like to characterize “Big Weapon” as a monolithic entity, but gun makers routinely go tits-up.

  9. Good looking Ponies! May have to open the safe here and see how many are in there =)

  10. Stretch- Actually this one does, it’s the first ‘update’ version.

    Mrs.C- You can always get in, getting out… 🙂

    NC- We’ll see, as always… But at least this ‘should’ get the state of Connecticut out of the middle of it.

    Keads- LOL, you’re probably close…

    Skip- Not even close.

    Dammit- True!

  11. As to “…get the state of Connecticut out of the middle of it.”, I personally would like to see Colt get out of the middle of the state of Connecticut.

    When I was there in 1995, I couldn’t see the Colt museum because it was closed due to some state restriction or other. Big sign on the door and all – “This facility is closed to the public by State order.”

  12. My take on their problems is rather simple. They have gotten by on government contracts for so long, ignoring the civilian sales, that I honestly believe that they could not be commercially viable anymore. Even if they went back to making revolvers they could not compete (they have not made the SAA in house since the 1950s). The people that used to make them are long gone, same with the machinery more than likely. All they have to offer are 1911s and ARs. The last time I checked, those markets are pretty well covered. Granted, some will always want a Colt just to have a Colt, but that is not the kind of thing that you can rely on to pay the bills. It would be a bit sad to see them go, but I think their time to pass into history is coming.

    Also, nice collection.

  13. I finally got to hold (but not shoot) a Python last week.

    I went over to the range to practice a bit with my 1911, and one of the guys who works there had just bought it.

    What a beauty!

  14. Tom- I can’t disagree at all. Dammit

    Rick- thanks. Hoping I don’t have to get a new knee!

    Drjim- They are nice 🙂

  15. Yeah, but both the cylinders and the bullets rotate in the wrong direction, upsetting the Natural Order of Things.

  16. We’re close to tied on number of Colts. You have more and (much) nicer revolvers while I have more 1911s. We need to get together this fall and just shoot Colts.