The Grey Man, bleg…

Thanks to those other bloggers who have helped promote my books!!!

I appreciate it more than you know, since blogs are basically the ONLY way I’m getting any publicity.

All three books are selling and I hope the folks reading the books and enjoying them. I’ve been told you’re lucky if you get a 10% review rate, and based on what I’m seeing, I’m down around 5-6% on all three books.

Which brings me to my bleg…

I’d like to ask if you’ve read any of my books and haven’t put a review up, I would appreciate it if you would do so. HONEST reviews please. Reviews help other readers to wade through the literally hundreds of thousands of choices out there.

I’d appreciate it and you can select the picture below to go directly to the book(s) you’ve read.

TGMVignettes coverBlood#4w:textTGMChanges

One other thing I hope folks are doing, is checking out the authors I’ve recommended in the last two books. These are folks that I’ve read and personally like their work (and in the full disclosure mode, I also know or have met some of them).

I can remember growing up as a reader that many paperbacks had other books recommended in the back of the book, and I know I did search out some of those authors back in the day. The question is, would you use these references, or am I wasting my time?

Your comments?


The Grey Man, bleg… — 12 Comments

  1. If I hadn’t reviewed the books already, my conscience wouldn’t let me sleep. Pity they don’t allow multiple reviews.

  2. Ed- LOL, thanks!

    Rev- No problem, one is enough… Don’t want to do like democrats and vote (er… Review) multiple times! 🙂

  3. Have reviewed the first two and my library is ordering the third in the series. As I volunteer at the library I am able to see how long they stay on our “new reads” shelves and so far it’s averaging two days before being checked out. So your being read but like so many of us books purchases are far down on our expenditure list. Our book club starts again in Sept. and I will be recommending your books and L.B.Johnson’s. Wish I could do more.

  4. Margi- Thank you! Folks like you are worth their weight in gold to us aspiring writers. Thanks too for getting them on the shelves!

  5. Already own all 3 of your books (kindle) and have recommended them to several friends. As to the next title, depends on where you are in the series. I kind of like “The Gray Man Ascendant” which can fit both a political or a warrior view – free to use if it fits (it is not an original, many other authors have had “Ascendant” in their titles. Copious thanks for helping me get through numerous long flights (passenger in case you are worried).

  6. Yes, I like to read other folks recommendations and freely confess that when you posted a picture of what you were reading not that long ago, I looked up a few of them and bought and enjoyed the series by Cedar Sanderson.

    I have read, and enjoyed all three of your Grey Man books. I have recommended them to several friends, a couple of whom I know have also enjoyed them. Am looking forward to the next one in line. And I know I have written at least one review, so I guess I need to go do my homework and write up at least one more….cause I want you to keep writing the series!!


  7. Hey Old NFO;

    Have Posted a review…should have done it earlier but got side tracked….durn those airplanes…and scouts….and ….stuff…