Status on TGM- Sunset paperback…

Grrr… Been dealing with Amazon all week on this, nitpicks one after another. I had HOPED to have it up by Thursday, but obviously that didn’t happen. I think/hope it will be up today. If so, I will update the … Continue reading

The Grey Man- Sunset…

Is alive!!! Clicky the cover to get the link! The blurb- Whoever said retirement was quiet never met John Cronin… The old man may have retired for the final time from the Sheriff’s office, but there are still cows to … Continue reading

It’s a book!!!

Almost… Hopefully, the Kindle will be up tomorrow, but the paperback will have to wait until we get the proof copies back. As always, Tina did a super job on the cover!!! … Continue reading

The Grey Man- Down South…

It’s alive!!! Y’all have been bugging me for John Cronin’s backstory, so you get this… Click the cover for the link. The blurb- After too much action, too much peace gets on a man’s nerves. John Cronin’s back from Vietnam … Continue reading

Editing… @#%*&!!!

I know it’s necessary, and I’m VERY thankful for my alpha and beta readers, but I #@%!) HATE editing. Especially when they point out that yes, maybe ‘I’ knew what a particular comment/description/paragraph meant, but they damn sure didn’t. And … Continue reading


The Grey Man- Down South is out to the alpha readers… 🙂 And Tina has been working on a cover for it, and we’re just about done with that. Also, I’m in another anthology! It will be released 14 September, … Continue reading

My scribblings…

I was asked to provide a list of books in sequence order for the two series, so here they are… The Grey Man series- The Grey Man- Vignettes The Grey Man- Payback The Grey Man- Changes The Grey Man- Partners … Continue reading

More Grey Man…

A number of readers have expressed an interest in some of John Cronin’s back story… And the muse is whipping me like a rented mule… Usual caveats, comments/recommendations appreciated! Prologue The old man just shook his head, thinking back forty … Continue reading

Almost there!!!

It’s a book, or at least a paperback. Going through final edits on it now. Found a couple of things that need fixing, so it’s going to be delayed a little longer. Sorry! And thank you to all those who’ve … Continue reading

It’s alive…

The Grey Man- Generations is up on Amazon, and since this is a novella, it’s going to be Kindle only, but it’s 22000 words (Yes, the short story got out of hand…sigh) Click on the cover to go to it… … Continue reading