My scribblings…

I was asked to provide a list of books in sequence order for the two series, so here they are…

The Grey Man series-

The Grey Man- Vignettes

The Grey Man- Payback

The Grey Man- Changes

The Grey Man- Partners

The Grey Man- Twilight

The Grey Man- Generations Novella, Kindle only, 30 years in the future

The Rimworld Series-

Rimworld- Stranded Short story, Kindle only precursor to Into the Green

Rimworld- Into the Green

 Rimworld- Militia Up

Rimworld- JACE Novella, Kindle only, backstory from Into the Green

Anthology Collected by JL Curtis

 Calexit- The Anthology

The Morning the Earth Shook Novella, originally written for another anthology that never came to be, this novella actually happens after the novella in Calexit Anthology.

And I also have a zombie short story in Whispers of the Apoc, edited by Martin Wilsey.

All of the books, short stories, and novellas can be found through my author page, HERE.

I would like to thank each of you that left those honest reviews, they are appreciated, and are the lifeblood of us starving indie writers. 50 reviews gets you onto the ‘also boughts’ list with others, and 100 reviews actually start getting you some promos from Amazon.

Between Goodreads and Amazon, I’m averaging about a 4.1-4.5 average review, and I’m very happy with that! My  goal is to get at least 100 reviews on each book, so if you read it, please review it. HONEST reviews please. I know that not everyone will like the books, as I don’t preach, I just try to write a good story.

Thanks in advance!!!


My scribblings… — 9 Comments

  1. Enjoyed the story. It prompted me to go back and reread Into the Green.

    Unanswered question – when did DePerez/Diez get psychic powers? The plot of Green and Militia sort of revolve around that issue.

  2. Oh … golly. McChuck hits the key point. I enjoyed the pace and problems in JACE, just didn’t think about the level 5 psi part. This sounds like a big theme for Diez, another novella. This would also let Roberto and JACE figure out succession or contingency backups for de Perez Inc., to keep the weath going. Tell the muse we’re buying the next round.

    Will post a review shortly.

  3. Thank you for providing the lists and providing information for feedback and why it is important.. I’m a fan of ‘The Grey Man’ series, but science fiction ‘future science’ really doesn’t interest me. I hope you continue writing all of them though – an untold story is wasted.

  4. McC/PK- Sigh… you guys… We’ll see if the muse wants to go there. 🙂

    jrg- You’re welcome. I know not everyone likes all genres, and I appreciate your honesty. I’m going to do a western next.

    • Starring John Cronin’s grandpa? You already have a setting and a backstory of conflict between him and the sheriff.

  5. Read the Calexit stuff and a couple of Grey Man books. I have another Grey Man in the queue waiting its turn. Keep ’em coming.

  6. Jim- Thanks!

    drjim- It did, but I wrote The Morning the Earth Shook as happening during the first weeks of the split. My story in the anthology actually predated The Morning the Earth Shook, and was the lead up to Capt James doing what he did.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    I wondered about the De Perez/Diaz Psi abilities….but I figured that you would eventually do a back story on De Perez as a addendum like JACE. btw I did leave a review for “JACE” on Amazon.