There are eight remaining Apollo astronauts. At the 115th Explorers Club Annual Dinner March 16, held in New York City, they were photographed by Felix Kunze.

You can quickly pick out Buzz Aldrin… Just sayin’

The only man between here and the moon capable of pulling off a rocket ship patterned suit, four gold rings, American flag socks, and a double watch combo is Buzz Aldrin, 89.

Full article, HERE from Forbes.

Aldrin has always been ‘out there’ so to speak, and even age hasn’t changed that… There was apparently some hate and discontent between Aldrin and Armstrong over who would be the first to step on the moon, but I wonder if that was more ‘others’ advocating than him doing it. His bio is HERE, and well worth reading.


Snerk… — 11 Comments

  1. Good ol’ Buzz. Call him names and he’ll punch you in the mouth.

  2. Jim- Yep… LOL

    WSF- Old habits die hard… I’m betting they probably polished them themselves!

  3. Buzz moved into my home town a couple of years ago, so we probably get more news on what he’s up to than most. I haven’t seen in him while out shopping, but I suspect I do less of that than even he does.

    Unfortunately, there seems to be some ugly infighting going on among his family on how they’re going to appropriate his fame after he passes on. That tends to be reported on.

    Thankfully, Buzz seems to be as he as always been: “nobody’s fool” who doesn’t just sit back waiting to be destroyed.

  4. Two good friends of mine lived next door to Buzz’s sister, and I got to meet him a couple of times.

    Very interesting guy!

  5. in the lunar module, the commander was in the left ‘seat’ and the lunar module pilot in the right. The door was on the left. It was probably not possible for Aldrin in his space suit to crawl past Armstrong in his in order to be ‘first’ The logical process was for the commander to exit first.

  6. Ed- Anybody that ever wore Corfams hate those damn things!!!

    Sig/drjim- That’s truly sad. And he does appear to be an ‘approachable’ character. 🙂

    Charles- Correct. There was apparently ‘stuff’ going on behind the scenes at Houston.

    LSP- Yes, that is a great pic, but the arthritis in his hands looks pretty bad.

    • Re Corfams: I had absolutely no misgivings about donating them to Goodwill when I no longer needed them!

      BZ, Buzz!