Me too???

So… A leading Dem is now under fire…

Joe Biden is in the news again. Yes, he probably wants to be president. This time, however, he is in the news because of another well-timed allegation about his behavior which may keep him out of the race altogether.

Full article, HERE, at Fox.

Kavanaugh got buried under questionable ‘allegations’, Trump is still being dogged about ‘affairs’ and other allegations.

Yet here is Joe Biden, Creepy Uncle Joe, ‘known’ and on video multiple times for his behavior toward women, being ‘handsy’ among other things, including swimming nude in front of the female USSS agents who were his protection detail multiple times. And now a credible accuser comes forward, and the Dems aren’t calling for his immediate ouster, they are saying it’s just him, that’s the way he is, etc…

Apparently Pelosi was asked if this should disqualify him and she said-

“I don’t think that this disqualifies him from being president,” she said while walking to the House chamber. “Not at all.”

Full article, HERE from The Hill.

So… is MeToo ONLY for those the left doesn’t like?  Just askin’

And this one is a day late, but pretty much true, from what I saw yesterday. Nothing but a bunch of really lame April Fool’s Jokes…


Me too??? — 19 Comments

  1. There are an awful lot of videos floating around showing Joe Biden doing exactly what was described by Ms. Flores.

    Appropos of nothing, a word for the day:
    frotteur – a person who obtains sexual gratification by touching or rubbing against the clothed body of another person in a crowd

  2. The above is true, Biden has a long reputation for being a little too familiar with individuals around him. Maybe he thinks an elected official has the right to physically touch others.

    I think Biden is just Democrat click bait, it will be a young Socialistic minded individual (I think) that will get the nomination. Putting them on the fast track right now would scare the middle leaning Democrats away too quickly – got to get them on board before we sink the ship ! :^)

  3. Biden, the archtypical Democratic politician, most of his life spent on the public payroll, sure he knows what’s better for you than you do, in other words, the kind of person you would not open your door to willingly. I might add, he’s the kind of guy you watch closely around your children and that keep s you mindful of where your rock salt loaded shotgun is…
    The Democratic leadership know that their wayward communist/socialist children can’t beat Trump, so they hope Biden might be a better candidate.
    Ha! HA! Ha! Ha! Enough ha’s, back to work!

  4. My mom, from the greatest generation, would refer to someone like that as “Handsy.” She would also leave a firm handprint on his face. Would have loved to see one of the women he groped, slap him upside the face, but I guess democrat women don’t want to slap a dem VP.

  5. There is certainly a different set of rules for the left and for the right. But you knew that. The sad thing is that the left gets to determine which set they play by on any given day.

  6. No wonder the elites want ‘net neutrality’. Too many people putting up too much truthful information. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

  7. JMI/jrg- Agreed!

    RC- Excellent point!

    NRW- Yep, I’m actually surprised nobody HASN’T slapped him!

    Randy- Sadly true.

  8. I’m tempted to take the prank comment as a challenge. But the sorts of things I can think of that would top real life are the sorts of things that would be very damaging to career and being able to make a living.

    Like forging letters from the federal government to the nation’s engineering schools informing the latter that due to rulemaking they are no longer permitted to have international graduate students under ITAR. I’d expect severe criminal, civil, and social penalties from that stunt.

    • How about a letter from Cal Tech or MIT stating that because the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle is irrational, developed by white European men, and difficult to apply, hereafter, the value of Pi is fixed at 3.0 for the purpose of all calculations. Then again, there are probably folks who are working on that.

  9. Well, geometry would be easier if that was changed, but that leads to the question, what would x be?

  10. April fools jokes from the socialist far left libs are becoming a year round thing…

  11. It seem someone in the Democrat Party has decided only one old white guy will be in the race, and Bernie is already there. So Old Joe has got to go. He should have taken his chances against Hillary in ‘16, but he’d probably met with an accident.