Rimworld snippet…

Another piece of the puzzle… As always, unedited… Surprise Fargo groaned as they spit out the far side of the hyper gate, Deity, I truly hate transitions. I can’t understand how people put up with this time after time. It’s … Continue reading

Rimworld snippet…

The usual disclaimers… Recovery Fargo swam slowly back to consciousness, opened his eyes, and saw OneSvel leaning over the open medcomp. “Mphfff… wa…” One of OneSvel’s pseudopods pushed a straw between his lips as another pseudopod gently squeezed the bulb … Continue reading

Rimworld Snippet

In response to some emails, YES they do get off the Star liner… Geez… As usual, unedited, stream of consciousness… Escape Lherson brought up the power to 5%, and felt the shuttle react against the pitching. He gingerly moved the … Continue reading

Rimworld snippet…

As usual, unedited… Searching The e-tainment system sounded a siren, then flashed a red screen, pulling Nicole’s attention from the shop books, and she yelled for Holly, “Come here, we’ve got an emergency!” As Holly came through the curtain, the … Continue reading

Rimworld update…

Thanks to those who’ve given me honest reviews, they are appreciated… Now I’ve been getting some emails grumbling about the ending, saying it was too ‘abrupt’, or wanting to know what happened in the meeting, or was there a meeting… … Continue reading

Thank you!!!

Thank you to those who’ve bought my scribbling, and have posted reviews on Amazon. Over 30 reviews now on Rimworld- Into the Green and still staying positive. I know that I can’t please everybody, none of us can, but I … Continue reading

Rimworld- Update

Rimworld- Into the Green continues to sell at a modest pace, and the overall reviews are good, but I’m putting a bleg out there… As I’ve said before, and others echoed, an author needs at least 50 reviews for Amazon … Continue reading

Rimworld- Into the Green update…

Update to the update… Since the blog and/or server it was on was hit with a DDOS attack yesterday, as shown by the log below (20 is a ‘high’ load), and was offline all day, I’m not putting a new … Continue reading


Thanks to those who’ve cross posted Rimworld- Into the Green! I am putting Rimworld- Stranded up for free today through Saturday. It was actually supposed to go up for free yesterday, but I screwed that up… sigh… Anyhoo, get it … Continue reading

It’s a book!!!

Proof copy is here!!! If everything checks okay, the plan is to go live on Monday, 1 May.  Thanks to all who contributed to making this better, and to those readers who have been patient as I stumble off into … Continue reading