Rimworld- The Rift status…

Working on the final cover, all alpha and beta reader inputs have been made (thank you to those patient folks, I TRULY appreciate it), and it’s off to the editor for her final passes.

This probably won’t be the final cover, but it’s close…

One of the ‘twists’ if you will, is a new set of characters and a different ship for this book.

Shooting for a release in the next two weeks, assuming everything comes together correctly!


Rimworld- The Rift status… — 13 Comments

  1. All of a sudden the world is a better place.
    Looking forward with great anticipation.

  2. With different characters and a different ship I’m intrigued to see how it fits into the Rimworld universe.

  3. Spaaaaaaaaaace.

    My biggest problem is I keep getting our host’s series confused with the colony-sim videogame of the same name.

  4. Good news. Really enjoyed the vignettes and snippets, seeing them improve and meld together.

  5. Let me know and I’ll buy it as soon as it hits the shelves.

  6. John- Thanks!

    Frank- Hopefully… well. 🙂

    Toast- Huh, didn’t know that… But I don’t do video games

    Rev- Thanks!

    PK- Thanks to y’all who help me! 😀

    LL- Will do!