Tribute to those on the front lines of the pandemic…

The flyover is part of President Donald Trump’s Operation America Strong salute, which he announced last Wednesday.

Full article, HERE from USA Today.

Frankly, I’m glad to see it and I hope they will do more flyovers in other parts of the country.

Following Tuesday’s flyovers, both the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels will perform over other cities, but neither flight team has released a full schedule. The Pentagon said several flyovers are planned “over the coming weeks,” with new demonstrations occurring every one to two days until mid-May.

It looks like the two teams will fly jointly over Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas, but also split up for separate flyovers throughout the country with the Blues taking the eastern half and the Thunderbirds the western half of the country!


Tribute to those on the front lines of the pandemic… — 12 Comments

  1. We watched the flyover from a mall parking lot near us in the Willow Grove area near Philly.

    We were directly under the flight path after they turned and headed south.

    It was awesome and I had to blow my nose and wipe my eyes after they passed because of, um, jet exhaust allergies.

  2. Well, this is the wrong place for me to say this, but I am not thrilled at the humongous expense of this show at a time we’re bleeding money everywhere.
    Now if they were to perform some airstrikes on certain Governor’s offices…

  3. Airplane fuel needs to be used to save the oil industry, the oil companies should be paying all the Armed Services to use their fuel instead of charging them at this time. I live NW of San Antonio and some after noons when I am in my backyard I see Air Force fighters in pairs going real fast not too high up. AMERICA !

  4. I ‘read’ that the Blue Angels will fly over San Antonio in the coming weeks, no set date. I hope I get to see them then but we are probably to far out for that. I’ve seen the Thunderbirds numerous times but never the Blue Angels. Even my Air Force buddies say they are the best.

  5. All- Thanks for the comments. Ed- They need to fly to maintain their proficiency at tight formations, and the gas is already paid for/allocated to them so there is ‘no cost’ per se.

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    • Yep – they are getting paid anyway and unlike CONgress they are actually doing something, even if it is only boosting morale 😉

  6. Pilot: “Pleeese?”
    Crew Chief: “Sorry, but the CO says no live armament. It doesn’t matter who you’re going to see.”

  7. The day I get tired of Super Hornets blasting around, toss me in a hole and starting throwing the dirt back in.

  8. Pbbfbfbfbbbfffft!!! You Americans think you’re so great….!!!

    Up here in Canada our Prime Minister is giving away free money! For migrant vibrants, for students, for seniors…!!! I hear the rogue is wearing pink socks…!!! We could buy The Thunderbirds and Angels keep them flying for the next 100 years on the money he’s giving away!!!

    Probably be paying for it for that long too but that is something to worry about for another day…😫