Busy, busy…

Final readthrough of The Rift before pushing it out for publication, so you get memes…

Something tells me ‘somebody’ is gonna get bit…

Um… er…

And taking out frustrations… LOL

NYC anyone???


Busy, busy… — 9 Comments

  1. Fortunately my local stores haven’t started one way aisles, otherwise I’d be in for that too!

    • Local store has that, monkey-see/monkey-do… and almost NOBODY pays it any attention. And almost nobody cares, either. People can see that theater is mere theater.

  2. Local post office has 6 ft yellow markings leading up to the entrance on the outside. Inside, so far back from the counter that getting to the mail boxes is difficult on busy days. Last visit to my P.O. Box I had to use the bulk mail entrance and ignore the, “Bulk Mail Users Only” sign. Sheesh, just to pick up mail.

  3. Out and about this morning: the people wearing pandemic theatre masks were about 50%, including store employees. At a store that had clearly made it mandatory, the butcher restocking cases had his bandanna pulled down to around his neck, and was chatting with another that had their mask dangling from one ear, where it could no doubt be quickly snapped back in place if a manager came by.

    The liquor store wasn’t even bothering, nor were the employees at the small-chain hardware/gardening store.

    As for the post office? Three employees in the back parking lot clearly in a huddle coordinating something, and not a mask to be seen.

  4. Dot- Of course… sigh

    Sam- Yep, til he bit the hell out of his owner… LOL

    Suz- Thanks!