You need to watch this one…




I’ve pretty much stayed away from the whole WuFlu argument on my blog, but this one is important…

Doctors telling it like it is… And NOT biting on the ‘structured’ questions from the media. The last two minutes is really telling…

How much control ‘can’ be exerted before the pushback starts? I think we’re going to find out that answer and many aren’t going to like it, IMHO…

When ammo is disappearing as fast as it did in 2008, and gun sales are near an all time high, the lack of LEOs on the street, releases of hardened criminals, etc., this does not bode well.

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You need to watch this one… — 24 Comments

  1. The beginning sounded like honest fact-seeking , but as it progressed it seemed to be more of questioning to challenge, question to force a point of view. The docs did a good job of staying on track, despite a beginning to wander on the other side. Thanks for posting. Informative.

  2. From ABC News, which is commercial media and therefore generally not trustworthy. Looking around for a few minutes, I found this one on From Real Clear Politics – Doctors Say Quarantine Should End

    From the article:

    Bakersfield, California ABC affiliate 23ABC reports — Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, co-owners of a chain of Accelerated Urgent Care facilities, say that after conducting more than 5,000 coronavirus tests they have come to the conclusion that COVID-19 is no more dangerous than a normal seasonal flu and quarantines are not making any difference in preventing its spread.

    My immediate question: Is this a giant government screw up, or did they do it to us on purpose?

    I’m betting that the government decided not to waste a viable opportunity to test a ‘shelter in place’ order from the government.

    • On purpose. If you look at the timeline, the whole “Destroy America” thingy started after the impeachment process failed bigly.

      Seriously. Impeachment failed, then ENDOFTHEWORLD!!! MUSTSTAYHOMEANDDIE!!!

      And the CDC? Kill them all, for their failures and politicking in the face of a potential bad epidemic. Which seems to have been a nationwide case of TDS.

      • I seem to recall numerous liberals that who stated they were in favor of crashing the economy, if they had to, to stop Trump.

  3. The stay at home order expired here on 4/21. The Mayor of Anchorage first refused, and then finally agreed to “let” business begin to reopen today. At 25% capacity. And his compliance is clearly grudging. Meanwhile, the people starting doing whatever they want a couple of weeks ago.

  4. I personally don’t think that there’s any real question that being able to generate fear amongst the population was a golden opportunity for the government to ratchet up control — “never let a good crisis go to waste”. And if anyone out there seriously thinks that the various state and local governments are going to relax… I’ve got a nice bridge to sell you.

    But then, I read history. A lot of people don’t. How do you think Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin got into power?

  5. What may save us from lifelong tyranny is President Trump. Imagine, for just a moment, if Shillary was President. Darn, which I hadn’t written that. Too early in the morning to start drinking.

  6. I hate to say it, but it’s getting close to letting some politicians know why we have a Second Amendment.
    I just watched a movie with Kevin Sorbo that came out last year.
    The Reliant.
    High evangelical content alert, but I recommend it after thinking the beginning was a bit hoaky.
    A family is forced into self (and God) reliance after an economic meltdown.
    Which might be on the horizon now.
    Lots of guns.

  7. On April 15 our county had 3 cases. Nursing home worker went to work not feeling well, it got worse and administrator said going home will get you fired. She stayed. That one worker,11 days later is responsible for infecting 93 people and 9 deaths. That seems a lot more contagious and deadly than just the “flu”. She like typhoid Mary as 20some of those infected are not associated with the home. So she spread this far and wide.

    • You’ll see the same spread and deaths in nursing homes during regular seasonal flu season. During a bad flu season, you’ll see far more deaths.

      Now, in all fairness, charge the administrator for manslaughter X 9. Whether during Corona or just regular flu. Forcing people to work when sick, in a care facility, is tantamount to sentencing the residents to death.

      • Absolutely, and we have all been there. Be here; or lose your job! When is that culture of intimidation going to change? Same way with schools, day-care centers, et al.
        And if you want to view the full interview, it’s a hour long:

  8. Excellent case of confirmation bias.
    Seems the local public help people do not agree.

    The problems I have is who are they, who are they speaking for, and what if their agenda is not public health?

    Maybe its not a big deal in Bakersfield, here in eastern MA
    their description does not apply nor resemble whats here.
    I know people that work there and also the big city hospitals. Friends adult kid that just went in for acute gallbaldder its taken very seriously with all precautions as thy have had many deaths (current numbers verified is 5 for the city and 1200 for the state) there and a large ward
    full of CV-19 people.

    There is no hiding facts and we are not a flyover county.
    We are not locked down, we are asked to isolate, maintain distance and wear masks. So my normal activities are as usual save for eating out, they are closed save for curbside pickup.

    What may work for east no-where is strongly felt too may
    not work for here.


    • Which, as I recall, was why the POTUS said that the various governors had to take the lead, since Montana and Maine and Mississippi all have different needs and different economies. This is one place where federalism really should make the difference – the feds manage overall stuff, and each state and county and city does what they feel they need for their own situation.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments. Appreciate the different points of view.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. Sent this yesterday to my usual gang, one of my out of state friends watched it this morning and agreed with the two doctors’ presentations. However, YouTube has now removed it due to violations of their “Community Guidelines.”

  11. LSP- We’ll see… At least Texas is reopening Friday!

    SCPO/Fritz- OH FFS… This is RIDICULOUS! I guess youtubz can’t stand a different point of view from the panic narrative!

  12. If anyone watched the tripe those two jackasses put out, and it sounded like science to them, I really have no further words. If you couldn’t spot the gaping logic flaw within the first two minutes, maybe poker’s not your game either, and we should try a spelling bee.

    Dr. Butthead and Dr. Beavis should get down on their knees and thank a merciful heaven that YouTube yanked the otherwise-perpetual internet proof of their abject stupidity.
    Had the decision been mine, I would have left it right where it was, because those two morons are going to be lucky to keep their board certification when the dust settles.

    The last time anyone was this stupid in public, and lived to tell the tale, usually Niagara Falls and a barrel was involved.

    And copious quantities of alcohol.