If you are one of the thirteen people that bought a paperback version of Rimworld- The Rift, I owe you a new copy…

Something happened between the proof and the actual printed copy. The header/page numbers went away, and the paragraph inset disappeared. I was just notified by one of my readers.

If you purchased one, I will replace it with a signed copy no cost to you. I will put another post up as soon as the corrected revision is up!

My apologies!!! Please send me an email at oldnfo at gmail dot com and as soon as I get new/correct copies, I will ship one out to you, which will probably take about three weeks.

I am sorry. This is NOT the quality of work I want to have people seeing.


Dammit… — 13 Comments

  1. You mean I have a limited edition version now? Yeah, gonna need this one signed. 😛

  2. Good on you to make this right – you are a good man Charlie Brown. :^)

  3. How much can I send you for a signed copy of the paperback?
    Bought and read it on Kindle, but a book is on paper.
    I can’t afford those on parchment. 🙂

  4. Hey Old NFO

    I was gonna say “Keep the booboo copy, it will be worth serious bucks, kinda like when Mark Twain screwed up the first edition of “Tom Sawyer”…Hey it is a stretch…work with me here….lol…..especially when you croak …then it will be work a LOT of money…..just trying to help out here…That is what friends do..LOL. Seriously we know you will make it good for those concerned, nothing needed to be said.

  5. All- Snerk… Like ANYTHING I do is gonna be worth anything…

    But I WILL make it good. Sigh…

    • It IS worth something ya idjit. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be buying it.

  6. What Jedi said. And yes, I have a paper copy. Writers need to get paid.

    • Nah. I hadn’t bought it yet. I’m just saying you shouldn’t be so self-deprecating about your writing.

  7. I think I might have one of the bum copies. It didn’t seem to affect how it read. What do I have to do to fix it?