Uncle Hugo’s GoFundMe!!!

For those that may not know, Uncle Hugo’s was/will be again a bookstore in Minneapolis. It was also the oldest independent science fiction book store in the USA!

Sadly, it was burned down in the rioting and they were not able to save anything, link HERE. Don’s store had many signed first edition copies of science fiction, and they routinely supported local and ‘upstarts’ like Larry Correia and Brad Torgensen.

The fund raiser is back on! Don Blyly is the owner, a Minneapolis local, and all around nice guy.

The fund raiser link is HERE.


Uncle Hugo’s GoFundMe!!! — 7 Comments

  1. I think finding whoever set that fire and piking their heads in front of Uncle Hugo’s is a most appropriate thing to do.

    • A very Heinlein thing to do (referring to one of the Lazarus Long stories in ‘Time enough for Love.”)

    • carlton – agreed – I ain’t got a whole lot of spare cash but I’m pretty sure I have an extra stake that I can donate to the cause 😉

  2. Let us hope the nation returns to sanity and the democratic pest-holes are put back in their place and free people are allowed to be free again.

    So many businesses lost, and most didn’t have insurance that covered ‘civil unrest.’

  3. Beans- Point… And sadly, you’re right. Those ‘riders’ are expensive and most didn’t have it.