Really LAPD???

Apparently Joe Average doesn’t ‘deserve’ a CCW in LA…

The Los Angeles Police Department has moved to cancel most of the few remaining concealed weapons permits in civilian hands, according to new filings in a decades-old legal case.

Full article, HERE, from NBC4

The ‘catch’ in this, is that it apparently ONLY applies to those who got a CCW as a result of a 1994 lawsuit against LAPD. Nothing said about all those actors, political contributors, and ‘other’ favored people…

Yet one more example of the creeping fascism of the left, and their desire to remove ALL guns from ‘unfriendly’ hands, e.g. hands they don’t control. If you think it’s bad now, if the Dems get control in 2020, stand by…



Really LAPD??? — 9 Comments

  1. Yes, the elites and ‘friends of the department’ all keep their CCW’s. Those aren’t going away. The interesting part of all this is that California is a ‘shall issue’ state when it comes to CCW’s, these days. Which is to say, if there’s not a compelling reason not to issue a CCW, it should be issued. I think that there’s a $50 fee or something for the paperwork handling and running an NCIC check.

    Then comes the ‘interpretation of what shall issue means’. And every county has a different take on it.

  2. An armed society is made up of citizens.
    A disarmed society is made up of subjects.

  3. I read the article linked to above. The LA police chief seems to think that cell phone technology makes it easier to call for help so a personal weapon is no longer needed. That way they can find your body much sooner.

  4. CCW licenses are only issued to politicians, popular film stars, and the ultra wealthy. Everyone else either breaks the law or goes without.

    Given that, I’m curious as to how many licenses will be revoked.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    Having a CCW is a great “leveler” as it were, if the cloud people and their flunkies are successful in stripping CCW from the “Average Joe”, than the average joe has nothing and the CCW will only be in the hand of the “cloud people” where they need the CCW to keep the “Dirt people” at bay. It will be a class distinction and it will fall back to the “gentry” class and the working class which is what they want because it puts the “dirt people” in their place and reminds them of it.

  6. LL- Sadly true. Northern counties truly ARE shall issue. SFO, LA and south, not so much. When I was out there, I was told to carry and not worry about it by both LAPD and LASO guys I shot with.

    Roger- Exactly!

    Jim- For the peons, yes… sigh

    MJ- Good question!

    Bob- That’s where they are headed…

  7. Very interesting, as one of the bases of the 9th Circuit’s reversal of California’s magazine ban was that when one needs a gun, one needs as many rounds as possible to get the job done.

    As to fascists, the Dems and Socialists (now the same thing) have ‘convinced’ the public that fascism is a right-wing thing. Well, maybe it’s right of complete communism, but fascism is a progressive leftist’s wet dream – complete control by the national government of all aspects of said nation. Just done by Italians, not Russians or Chinese or Cambodians or….