It’s alive…

The Grey Man- Generations is up on Amazon, and since this is a novella, it’s going to be Kindle only, but it’s 22000 words (Yes, the short story got out of hand…sigh)

Click on the cover to go to it…

The blurb-

A new generation carries on the legacy of service in the latest Grey Man novella…

Marine Corporal Jace Cronin, a scout/sniper, survived insurgents in the Philippines, only to be handed an even greater challenge: the Naval Academy. He won’t be headed in alone, though. Esme Carter got her own slot and is ready to go head to head with him over who’s the best. They’ve got their eyes on lieutenant’s bars and pilot slots, and woe betide anyone who gets in the way!

Hope y’all enjoy it, and thanks as always to the alpha and beta readers who made the story better!!!


It’s alive… — 15 Comments

  1. Got duplicate sentences in your blurb just to let ya know. Enjoy your efforts greatly.

  2. Good read! Almost came up with a plot spoiler there… just erased it!

    Honestly I was worried about your setting it in the future — but you had to. And by concentrating on the people, not the hardware, it works.

    The rest of y’all go and order it and read it, now!

  3. The worlds smallest time increment is said to be the time between dropping food on the floor, and the dog grabbing the food.
    Actually the smallest time interval ever recorded is the time between discovering you have a new work on Amazon, and my pushing the button to buy it.
    It probably would be an even shorter time, but for the darn light speed limit.
    Looking forward to some quality reading time.

  4. Nylon- Thanks! Fixed… sigh

    Ian- LOL, I’m better with people. Anybody can do equipment…

    John- Thank you!

  5. Excellent news – just downloaded it and will be reading it tonight.

    Thanks!!! It’s been a great story.

  6. I downloaded it as soon as I saw your post. It’s next on my reading list. Thank you in advance for another great read!

  7. Thanks for costing me much-needed sleep again! Seriously, more,more,more. This has the potential to run for a few more books.

  8. Well, that was a disappointment and a half, an excellent story that was way too short. Character development was as good as any I have ever read, now you need to stop eating and sleeping and crank out some more. Thank you ever so much.

  9. Had some trouble getting my Kindle to behave.
    After that was settled,read the whole story in
    an afternoon.
    As stated above, it was too short.

  10. A nice passing of the torch story. More to be said in my Amazon review.

    Now, get back to Mapper, Ghost, and your other Rimworld works-in-progress, please so you can continue to Take My Money!