First there was this…

I traveled to Standing Rock in November of 2016 with my friend, hauling over 5000 dollars worth of winter tents, clothing, food, and gear. My full time job allowed me to stay barely a week, and my ego, mixed with a hefty dose of white savior mentality, convinced me that my training as an EMT, and my lifetime of experience with direct action and social justice, would make me useful. Fast forward 5 days, and I was crying in the driver’s seat of my car, while my amazing friend listened quietly as I grieved for something I didn’t know I had ever lost.


And then there was a fisking… Now Larry C does some epic ones, but this one… 🙂

Self-loathing white people are some of the most disturbing people to have ever drawn breath. Drama queens might be the best way to describe them, for they obsess endlessly about things they haven’t done, they elevate petty problems to the world stage and bury major ones behind a veneer of political correctness. A white kid wearing dreadlocks is the end of the world. But recognizing that ISIS lobs gay people off of buildings for amusement is probably racism (even though, paradoxically, Islam is not a race). Sanctimony is their religion, Social Justice their crusade, and endless self-hatred their spiritual diet.

Here’s a window into the insane mind of one of these cretins: White People Have No Culture. And it cries out in the darkness of colossal ignorance for a proper fisking. Let us begin our descent past an event horizon of stupidity, a singularity of dedicated ignorance…

From Thales over at Declination, HERE.  My hat is off to you sir, that was EPIC!!!


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  1. ‘White people?’ WHICH white people? Because there are a LOT of ‘white people’ out there, MOSTLY defined as what they are NOT, rather than what they ARE. And sure, if you lump them all together, no single cultural definition emerges, in precisely the same way that taking all the gloriously vivid Pla-Do containers, and lumping them together, gives you a dull brown.
    No culture? What about me? I’m a redneck biker! My culture involves eating fried chicken, living on a dirt road in a trailer, owning guns, going to church, driving pick-up trucks, military service, and loving motorcycles. If I don’t have a culture, then why does this type invariably seem to attack me and my fellow rednecks for it. Hey, Clue UP, snowflake! You can’t attack me for having a gun-loving culture and then simultaneously tell me I have no culture!
    No culture? Go to Scottish Games, and listen to bagpipe music.

    Oh, I could go on and on, but to do so would defeat the one defense I truly have for this sort of thing, which is to ignore it.

  2. I will repeat my comment here.

    I have a distinct culture. I know where my ancestors were, and what they were doing. They tortured and murdered each other in the border lands of the Old Country, when they weren’t stealing sheep and cattle. They killed Hessians in their sleep at Trenton, NJ, one Christmas night. They busily slaughtered Red Indians across the Appalachians and the Ohio territory. They drank away the money they sold their land grants for. They cheerfully oppressed Mormons, until the heathen bandits moved away west. They were hanged as deserters on both sides of the Great Unpleasantness. They were hanged as horse thieves and cattle rustlers. They killed Spaniards in Cuba, and Moros in the Philippines. The came out of the coal mines to kill Germans while choking on gas. They fought in the coal wars at Blair Mountain. They ran moonshine in fast cars, until they figured out there was more money to be made in fixing the cars than driving them. They killed Germans and Italians and Japs. They killed North Koreans and Chinese. We killed Serbs and Muslims in the Balkans, and more Muslims in the Middle East.

    The sound of gunfire and banjos is the song of my people. These “useful idiots” can GET OFF MY LAWN!

  3. “White people have no culture”?!?!?

    The entire history of Western music, dependent as it is on musical notation and equal temperament (look it up; it’s fascinating), is White People Culture. The Piano, possibly the most versatile and powerful instrument for composing music ever devised, is White People Culture. The idea that every person should be equal before the Law comes from Judaism, but its application to government is White People Culture. Mass production of inexpensive clothing, leading to even fairly poor people being able to afford multiple suits of new-bought clothes is White People Culture. The “Obesity Epidemic”, in which the primary dietary trouble of the poor is that they are too fat, is White People Culture. Anything that runs on electricity is White People Culture.

    I say we force the SJWs to cease and desist their cultural appropriation of White People Culture and go live like the ignorant apes they admire. Not like the poor people of the world. The actual F*UCKING A.P.E.S.

    Maybe an Alpha Chimp can whip the silly buggers into line. Or put them out of our misery.

    • Let me add a small story. Tabernash, CO 1950. My father was the foreman of a work gang of some 50 Navajo. An old Army friend from the East coast and wife stopped to visit. The wife was gushing at the idea of seeing “Indians!”

      My father suggested she look out the window. Drawing back a curtain, she saw many stark naked Navajos on their way to the steam bath huts they built at every camp.

      Yeah, my father was an asshole.

  4. I thought these examinations to be quite interesting. At the same time, I think I will have agree on some and disagree on others. Each person is responsible for seeking their ancestry and culture is ever changing. Culture includes where you are from, where you are, and globalization. I get tired of the fact that “white people” have become a dirty word. The world today is not the world yesterday nor is it responsible for the past deeds. We can only progress. If we keep talking about oppression like an open wound and condemning those who look like they are toting the same skin color as the historical bad guys, then no matter the race or continent, we shall not get away from division. Just can’t reset the whole world because 500 years ago people might have fucked up according to today’s standards.

  5. All- Thanks for the comments. And yes, revisionist history is alive and well with these idjits…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  6. Good Lord. My Scots and Irish, Swiss, and German/French ancestors didn’t have their own cultures before they boarded ship for the New World in the early 1600s? Our mountain reunion, heading toward its 100th year, doesn’t reflect a culture of its own? What a miserable whiner and what a great smackdown.

    And oh, whiner, why were the Cherokee where they were when they were removed in the Trail of Tears? Their ancesters had taken the land from other tribes!

  7. I agree with those above – White people DO have culture; it is rather that these people do not want to admit it or accept it, so they go looking for something, anything, to replace it. To me, someone who can’t understand and accept their heritage, however good or bad it is, won’t be able to create a heritage they can accept, but like many Westerners over the last 40 years they will look many places and try many things in their attempts to find their place, their culture.

  8. This poor mope’s guilt beats anything the nuns laid on us in Catholic school. Does anyone have access to a tall building she can throw herself off? It would be helpful if was white.

    It’s for the children.

  9. Hey Old NFO;

    These “Woke” white people are annoying, they want to self flagellate themselves for the sins of their parents, whatever sins they may be. Why is it being white is the only race that has to apologize for anything? I almost swear there is a concerted genocide against white people and the way things are going, there will be a bounty on us, no bagging limit. Will we even be around in 200 years or will be consigned to the bins of history.