This is bad…

US counter-intelligence investigators discovered a suspected Russian spy had been working undetected in the heart of the American embassy in Moscow for more than a decade, the Guardian has learned.

Full article, HERE. Interestingly, it’s gotten NO coverage in the MSM… One wonders why???  That can’t be blamed on Trump, or can it? I’m sure the left will try…

And this one is just as bad, if not worse…

New details emerged Wednesday about how a mole for the government of communist China managed to stay by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s side for nearly 20 years.

Dianne Feinstein had a Chicom spy as her ‘driver/gopher’ for almost 20 YEARS!!!

And it found under Obama’s reign and was curiously swept under the rug…

Full details, HERE. From CBS San Francisco. What makes it more interesting is she had access to Senate intelligence committee data…

I can only wonder is ‘this’ might be why the Dems in Kali refused to support her this time around.


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  1. Let me get this straight. The State Dept and Secret Service saw fit to grant a Russian woman, in Moscow, working in our Embassy, a SECRET security clearance?

    Are they out of their ever loving minds?!

    Oh, wait. She was hired when BO was President, and HRC was SecState. That makes it all right, then.

  2. The Russian hired by the Secret Service to work in the Moscow embassy concerns me a bit about counterfeiting intel, more than any possible threats to security issues for POTUS and company.

  3. “Politico reported on February 6 that Imran Awan, who is currently employed by Wasserman Schultz, is under criminal investigation for “wide-range equipment and data theft.” Wasserman Schultz’s communications director provided Politico with few details into the investigation and refused to answer any followup questions.”

    I’m sure any sensitive data was passed to ISI.

  4. smh, nothing surprises me anymore. Will anyone have to be held responsible? as usual….no one, unless it is a low level patsy

  5. “The Secret Service is trying to hide the breach by firing [her],” the source said. “The damage was already done but the senior management of the Secret Service did not conduct any internal investigation to assess the damage and to see if [she] recruited any other employees to provide her with more information.

    All you need to know right there, it’s all about CYA.

  6. All- Agree with everybody, and yes it’s CYA to the max, screw the country’s security… THAT is not important.

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  7. The idiots in CA are not supporting Feinstein because Kevin DeLeon who is further to the left is challenging her. It is that simple.

  8. Bad news but not surprising. The enemy always wins a few and both the Russians and Chinese have excelled at spying. That said, who on our side was asleep at the wheel? Find the how and fix it, IMO.

  9. DiFi’s original power base is San Francisco. There was a mover and shaker in the Chinese community named Rose Pak.


    “Although Pak never held an elective political office, she was known as an outspoken and well-connected “gatekeeper” figure who supported politicians by raising funds and connecting them with the city’s growing Asian American community.”

    Pro tip: Pak was not a Republican.


    “Pak was an overseas executive director of the China Overseas Exchange Association (COEA), an organization overseen by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (OCAO) of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. At various times she spoke out in favor of the Chinese government’s views, e.g. in 2012 calling all “overseas Chinese” to “defend the homeland” in the conflict about the Diaoyu Islands, and in 2008 opposing a resolution of the SF Board of Supervisors that criticized China for the Tiananmen Square massacre and other repression measures, passed on occasion of the Beijing Summer Olympics torch relay reaching San Francisco.

    Pak was critical of the Falun Gong movement in San Francisco and in 2004 she banned the group from participating in the city’s annual Chinese New Year’s Parade. The group and others, including San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly, subsequently alleged that Pak had connections to the Chinese Communist Party. Pak consistently denied any ties with Beijing.[2] In an August 2011 interview with the New Tang Dynasty Television and Epoch Times, former San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin made similar allegations, claiming that Pak was “the real leader of San Francisco”, and that she represented outside governmental interests that “include the People’s Republic of China.”

    Also see Politico’s “How Silicon Valley Became a Den of Spies.”

    • Eh, now we’re supposed to read “Politico??” Get real.

  10. Yeah, I thought it kinda of smelled like she’d hired him on purpose in a deniable way, and that she’d likely been hinted to do so by donors.

    Note, this was paranoia, not any sort of intelligence expertise.