THIS was on sale at the Newseum in DC… LOL

Along with MAGA hats, and the Trump as Superman cartoon books from the campaign. And the left is melting down…

Full article with quotes, HERE. I really find this ironic, since the Newseum charges for entry, in a city full of FREE museums that are much more meaningful, and historic. They’ve ‘always’ thought they were ‘important’ enough that people would pay money to learn about the news, and have found the reality is something quite different…

Cue my surprised face… Sigh…



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  1. In a commercial enterprise, you stock what sells…

    CNN should understand that, but with their ratings being what they are, maybe not.

    Build the Wall
    Lock HER up

  2. The Newseum has caved. The tee and MAGA hats are no longer offered in their gift shop. The masses have been served.
    Newseum use to be in Rosslyn. It was off the beaten track and had free admission. I went in once on my lunch hour. The last time I saw such self-adoration and congratulation was … well, when was the last time Chuck Schummer was on TV?

  3. They’ve pull the items. And here I thought they were all about free speech.

  4. Those items were like Guy Fawkes entering the Parliament building. Finally, an honest intention.

  5. It’s instructive to read H. L. Mencken’s autobiographical works where they touch not he newspaper business. He makes it pretty clear that newspapers in his day were all about selling a story, and that it was assumed that most intelligent people knew this.

    The Progressive Left sold us the idea of an unbiased media (as if that were even possible) and rode it pretty hard for decades. It paid them very good dividends for a long time, but like any other scam there comes a time when you need to pack your bags and get gone, before the mob turns up.

    I think that’s what happened in 2016; the mob turned up. The media have used up all their benefit of the doubt, and they ain’t getting it back; not with this generation, anyway.