The Grey Man- Down South is out to the alpha readers… 🙂

And Tina has been working on a cover for it, and we’re just about done with that. Also, I’m in another anthology!

It will be released 14 September, and I’m very happy to be in this august company, which also includes Monalisa Foster! 🙂

And late yesterday afternoon, I was told a story I submitted to yet another anthology was accepted! Woo hoo!

NOW back to writing on the final Grey Man- Sunset. It’s at almost 68k words, so a couple of months to release it, I hope before Christmas.


Done!!! — 11 Comments

  1. Strange: I had more time to read before I retired. The list is supposed to get shorter, but it’s going the other way. Not that I’m complaining, mind …

    • Rev. Paul. I feel much the same, and I think that part of the extra time for reading has been used to find new authors and there is now more to read.

      As more reading is good, I’m not complaining either.

  2. I will be sad to see the final Grey Man book, but understand how the storyline could get repetitious. You have done a good job of avoiding that.

    Have a good weekend.

  3. How you know you’re stuck on a series:

    After an extended evening of gaming, you find yourself writing a crossover fanfic involving said series and the game you were playing.

  4. Toast- LOL, since I don’t do gaming, I guess I’m safe…

    R- They’re BOTH interesting! 🙂

  5. I protest!
    The Gray Man series can continue for generations untold.
    Or at least until I shuffle off this mortal coil.